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About Duncan Wardle - Former Walt Disney Executive & Speaker on Innovation and Creativity:

Duncan Wardle worked for The Walt Disney Company for some 25 years, and now serves as an independent innovation and design thinking consultant, helping to inspire companies to embed a culture of innovation and creativity across their entire organization. Leveraging a unique Design Thinking strategy and process, Duncan’s clients include Coca Cola, Disney, Forbes, Ford, Johnson & Johnson, McKinsey and the NBA.  

Most recently Duncan was Vice President of Innovation & Creativity for The Walt Disney Company. The Creativity Team works across Disney’s Theme Parks, Pixar, Marvel, Lucas Films, ESPN, Animation and Imagineering, as "creative ideation consultants” and “cultural change agents” using a creative problem solving process that captures unlikely connections, leading to both fresh thinking and revolutionary ideas.  

Prior to heading up Creative Inc., Duncan held the posts of Vice President, Global PR and Vice President International Marketing & Sales for Disney. Over the last three decades, Duncan has served in an executive role for The Walt Disney Company in London, Paris, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Mumbai and most recently Shanghai.

In 2008, he was honored with the “Outstanding American Citizen Award" at the White House, and in 2014 he was awarded an Hons. Doctorate from Edinburgh University. He also holds the Duke of Edinburgh Award, presented by Her Majesty the Queen.

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What Duncan Wardle Talks About: 

Thinking Differently
Ever wonder why your best ideas come to you in the shower? Or why that killer comeback one-liner always comes to you 5 minutes after the argument is over? Have you ever asked yourself how Einstein, Disney and Edison innovated? Or wondered how some people develop breakthrough ideas that revolutionize an industry? Through his “Think Differently” presentation, Duncan shares a series of case studies from his time at Disney and immerses the audience in a unique set of Innovation Tools and Techniques that everyone can use to think and act more audaciously and get to breakthrough ideas.

Innovating at Disney
Disruption is inevitable and part of our everyday lives. So, how do you make Innovation a part of everyone’s DNA? How do you create a culture that embraces risk and entrepreneurialism, which allows everyone to innovate? During this presentation, Duncan shares how he infused a culture of innovation with a startup mindset across one of the most creative companies in the world, by using a unique innovation toolkit.

Disruption is now a part of everyday life. So how do you make Innovation a part of everyone’s DNA? How do you create a culture that embraces risk and entrepreneurialism, allowing everyone to innovate? Here Duncan shares how he infused a culture of innovation with a start-up mindset, across one of the most creative companies via a unique innovation toolkit.

Leading for Creativity
How does Disney create a culture of creativity across everything it touches? Based on 25 years working with Disney, most recently as Vice President of Innovation & Creativity, Duncan shares some of the key creative techniques and behaviors he uses to develop big, innovative ideas. During this presentation, he stirs and unleashes the audiences’ creative juices.

Demystifying Design Thinking
What if you could learn a series of practical Design Thinking tools that you could actually use to create ideas that are embedded in consumer truth and drive business results? Duncan creates a deeply engaging, immersive presentation that not only answers these questions but also leaves the audience with a series of practical tools to take on challenges in new and different ways.

Insights for Innovation
How could we deliver breakthrough innovation by uncovering unique insights and pushing past our river of expertise? Leaning on 25 years of experience heading the Innovation & Creativity team at Disney, Duncan has created a unique insight gathering process that has led to some revolutionary new products and services. During this presentation, he shares a tangible collection of tips and techniques to uncover insights that fuel innovation.

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    Duncan has amazed all of us and our audience during his visit to Colombia. Addressing to an audience of over 1|000 people he was able to land innovation and creativity in very simple and practical steps, and in a very fun way also!

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