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About Erica Orange - Leading Futurist & Speaker on Global Trends:

Erica Orange is Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of The Future Hunters, one of the world’s leading futurist consulting firms. She evaluates emerging social, technological, economic, political, demographic and environmental trends – and identifies the strategic implications of those trends for several of the most influential Fortune 500 companies, trade associations and public sector clients. 

Erica’s ability to connect-the-dots, spot patterns, think critically and analytically, and translate that into actionable strategies is what has made her an invaluable asset to clients.

Erica frequently speaks to a wide range of audiences about global trends that are shaping the landscape today. She has also authored numerous articles, book chapters, and industry white papers on cutting-edge, future-focused topics. Erica is recognized in the industry as having a unique, innovative and fresh perspective.

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What Erica Orange Talks About:

The 10 Growth Areas of The Metaspace Economy
This presentation builds upon the idea that we are currently undergoing a fundamental transformation and restructuring of the global economy. Erica outlines the 10 growth areas of The Metaspace Economy, and what those mean for your businesses.

New & Emerging Trends
Erica develops 24 new trend-based themes for her retainer clients every year. These themes are very specific, targeted and interesting.

Thinking Technologies
The techniques that help you think about the future differently. This instructs audiences to permanently change their way of thinking about future trends and how best to develop actionable strategies to capitalize on those trends. This presentation includes real-world, practical examples of each of the thinking technologies.

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 Recent Publications

    Erica had attendees thinking about the many possibilities ahead. She had a great command of the content and the research-based information earned our audience’s respect and attention right from the start. It worked out splendidly!

    Director, Corporate Communications & Integrated Marketing, Navigant

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