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  • Freddie talks about how leaders can challenge and inspire organizations to discover their untapped potential through the power of Active Listening & The Music of Leadership, using music focused stories to help leaders build stronger teams.
  • Audiences learn how to enhance interpersonal and professional leadership skills, amplify engagement and clarify their desired goals and outcomes.
  • Bilingual Speaker (English & Spanish) Freddie Ravel is a GRAMMY nominated maestro & performer, Founder of "Life in Tune," and Business Success Expert. His clients have described his keynotes & emcee services as the "ideal balance of entertainment and content."
  • Past clients include: IBM, Toyota, Red Bull, NASA, Apple, Blue Cross, Prudential, Google and Citi.

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About Freddie Ravel - Adaptability & Communication Expert, Business Speaker, Grammy-Nominated Performer:

Freddie Ravel is the GRAMMY-nominated Keynote Maestro - who combines his expertise for business breakthroughs and virtuoso piano performances with a clear and concise application of music’s communicative and scientific powers to inspire, ignite and lift the minds, hearts and potential of audiences around the world.

Backed by number one hits and collaborative successes with Madonna, Earth, Wind and Fire, Prince and Carlos Santana to leading the teams of J Lo, Jimmy Kimmel and Lady Gaga - the #1 chart-topping composer is the Founder of “LIFE IN TUNE," a worldwide program that delivers customized peak performance experiences - to reveal how the structure of music enhances leadership, innovation and productivity for entrepreneurs to major corporations alike. Dubbed the “Keynote Maestro” by the City of Los Angeles, Ravel received the city’s Award of Recognition for creating a music-based system to “renew the national and international economy” - while his film, TV, radio and recording credits include CBS, FOX, CW, Universal, iHeart and XM Sirius. Straddling sectors across Media, Tech, Healthcare and Wellness, Diversity and Inclusion, Communications, Social Impact and Financial Services - clients refer to him as “The ideal balance of Entertainment and Content”.

These include IBM, Toyota, Red Bull, NASA, Apple, Blue Cross, Prudential, Google and Citi where he continues to serve as a captivating access point through which to transform corporations, education, entertainment and the human condition. Based on decades of entrepreneurial and corporate training, scientific research and directing and performing with many of the music legends of our time - conference planners often engage Freddie and his team in the program planning process to help design and incorporate their meeting objectives into a rich, harmonious and rewarding experience. Having performed in over eighty countries, Freddie is in tune with cultural nuances and sensitivities delivering the universal language in both English and Spanish - as well as collaborating with translators to uplift your audience to success.

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What Freddie Ravel Talks About:

The Rhythm of Success
The Rhythm of Success is a one-of-a-kind program designed to challenge and inspire organizations to discover their untapped potential through the power of Active Listening. The format is fast-paced, entertaining – and as the secrets of the world’s undisputed international language of music are revealed, full of surprises.

In this multimedia, interactive “Keynote Concert” experience, your audience will learn to:

  • Enhance interpersonal and professional leadership skills
  • Amplify engagement
  • Clarify and SCORE desired goals and outcomes

No matter what kind of organization, from small companies to large corporations – employees at all levels will tune up to a better future by becoming more collaborative, productive and ultimately, more profitable. This presentation is sure to open or close your meeting on a dynamic high note.

The Music of Leadership
This presentation takes your audience on a deep dive into the role of “melody” within
 music – and its’ power as the central message to bring life to your products and services. When leaders “sing” a better future, inspiration resonates across the entire company’s culture.

The Music of Leadership will reveal:

  • How the strategic use of passion and purpose provide the competitive edge to win
  • Why a leader’s ultimate super-power is to step out of their own head – and get into their client’s shoes
  • Why one’s personal purpose never gets heard unless it ultimately serves others

Resolving Disruption
With Disruption ever-present and increasing at lightning speed, it’s easy for organizations to get out of tune – and out of sync. This interactive experience takes your audience into what disruption actually sounds like and then, through revealing tangible techniques to overcome adversity – transforms dissonance to resolution. The stunning new composition that is co-created with the audience reveals their own wisdom – and capability to discover surprising solutions towards achieving their highest potential.

Your teams and organization will learn:

  • What Disruption sounds like, and more importantly – how to resolve it
  • How to get from out of tune to in tune
  • The only way to manage change is to create change

Teamwork: The Power of Human Harmonics
Have you ever heard a great-sounding band or orchestra where everyone is a soloist? It simply doesn’t exist. For over a decade, the Gallup polls reveal that four out of five employees are disengaged in their work – costing the U.S. economy over $500 billion annually in lost revenue. Freddie shares his personal stories of how minorities and women have opened doors to his ongoing success: from directing the iconic band that bridged black and white America, Earth, Wind and Fire, writing with Dr. Martin Luther King’s daughter, Yolanda King, alongside Muhammad Ali, Robert Kennedy Jr. and Maya Angelou, playing the GRAMMY’s with Prince, recording with Madonna – and packing stadiums with Afro-Latin-Blues-Rock legend Carlos Santana. Driving home the message that when we LISTEN UP and embrace Diversity and Inclusion, our team of collective Melodies, Harmonies and Rhythms achieve the ultimate SCORE – a state where organizations gain the distinct advantage needed in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

Your organization will discover:

  • Music’s 3 KEYS to unlocking your potential
  • How to immediately strengthen diversity and inclusion across your culture
  • Unparalleled insight into the power of the PAUSE – within music and daily life

The “Keynote Maestro” – Your Master of Ceremonies
Want to keep your meeting moving or add an extra spark to make your event unforgettable? Freddie Ravel as your Emcee is the answer. He combines your business themes and customized music to rev up the energy of general sessions throughout the day, your multi-day meeting – or your awards ceremony. Freddie strongly believes in advance planning to ensure your event’s success. As your Emcee, he’ll work with you prior to the event to reveal, punctuate and energize your audience through short bursts of music and entertainment – for that perfect segue to your next speaker or award presenter.

Count on a world-class approach to:

  • Transform the mundane to the magnificent
  • Collaboration with your team to reveal, punctuate – and energize your audience
  • Provide the perfect segues to your next speaker, award presenter – and announcements

In constant demand as a keynote presenter, performer and Emcee – Freddie’s high energy and powerful stage presence guarantees a lively and highly successful event as he ties your program into a perfect bow that further empowers, uplifts and inspires your audience. He is your assurance that the mundane transforms to magnificent – and why so many clients invite him back year after year!

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Thank you for an amazing presentation Freddie - what you said about how music applies to our business, listening, and interaction with our customers was absolutely phenomenal!

Director of Financial Services, Microsoft

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