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About John Foley - Keynote Speaker to over 1500 Organizations Worldwide, Blue Angel Lead Solo Pilot, Stanford Fellow, Bestselling Author and ‘Gratitude Guru’:

Since 2015, John Foley has been recognized as one of the top 10 most in demand speakers. John has spoken to some of the highest performing organizations in the world such as, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Goodyear, Chevron, Lowe's, Marriott, Hilton, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, NCAA, Penske Racing, Sprint, Motorola, Merrill Lynch, Mass Mutual, AMC Theatre, Norton Lifelock, Capital Group, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, GE, American Hospital Association, Mayo, Merck, Palo Alto Networks, Sunovion, Gillette, McDonalds, Stanford Business School, Global Sports Summit, and numerous CEO Summits to name a few.

He is the former lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels, Bestselling Author of Fearless Success, an expert in the How of High Performance teams and 'The Guru of Gratitude.’ As a Blue Angel, John consistently performed in an extreme, high-stakes environment, flying at speeds of more than 500 miles per hour in formations as close as 18 inches apart. To survive in those circumstances he relied on a culture of high trust, leadership and teamwork. John employs the intense realities of his aviation career as a metaphor to inspire - breath life into - teams to reach for their highest potential and sustain excellence under dynamic change. John’s presentations are highlighted by:

  • An energizing delivery that inspires High Performance with a grateful mindset.
  • Awe inspiring storytelling and electrifying video of the legendary Blue Angels in action.
  • A contagious attitude of gratitude that he calls Glad To Be Here®.
  • A unique approach that equips others to take the same journey toward excellence, teamwork and transformation.

In 2011 John founded the Glad To Be Here Foundation. John donates 10% of his speaking fees to charities through the foundation. The program has donated over $2 million to 380+ charities and impacted thousands of lives globally including sponsoring 47 children in 47 countries. It's part of his mission to connect a shared ‘purpose larger than self’ with every organization.

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What John Foley Talks About:  The High-Performance Zone Flying with the Blue Angels is exhilarating, adrenaline-filled and inherently unforgiving. People want to hear about John Foley’s experience because the stories of fighter pilots embracing peril and working together to pull off awe-inspiring aerial maneuvers sound like they’re straight out of a Hollywood movie. And they are! John actually did some of the real flying in the movie Top Gun. John channels the thrills he experienced – and created – with the Blue Angels to offer practical guidance you can use at work and in life. The High-Performance Zone is the gap between the current state and the future state. John delivers lessons about performing under pressure, cooperation, collaboration, and bringing enjoyment to other people’s lives through service and teamwork. Learn how the best teams create alignment around a shared mission and instill a purpose larger than self. Discover how to shift attitudes, improve retention, create fulfillment throughout all levels of an organization, and foster collaboration faster. When you approach problems simply, and honestly evaluate performance, progress becomes effortless. Audiences Will Learn:

  • How to focus team actions, driving immediate results
  • How to unify teams, creating a safe space that fosters ideas and growth
  • How to build a culture of excellence that drives high performance
  • How to promote a broader sense of ownership and execution across the organization

Glad to Be Here – Inspiring a Culture of Excellence Operational excellence requires a process and a mindset that makes high performance repeatable and transferable. The Glad to Be Here® keynote galvanizes people and creates deep human connections that increase trust and execution, closing performance gaps and driving teams forward with a newfound purpose. Research shows that teams and individuals that embrace a positive mindset improve communication while inspiring commitment and buy-in to a shared vision. An active gratitude practice changes the way you see the world and gives you the confidence to act. Discover a debrief process that reinforces team chemistry and success, building a feedback loop with corrective action and personal responsibility that leads to continuous improvement. Elevate your team’s belief in what is possible, then use that energy to create high-trust contracts and precise execution. The Glad to Be Here mindset is the key to igniting extreme trust, employee engagement, and elite execution. It offers a purpose greater than self. It galvanizes people and focuses individuals and teams on why they do what they do. Audiences Will Learn:

  • How trust and openness create an environment where ideas are embraced and implemented
  • Improved relationship skills, amplifying your team’s abilities to foster creativity
  • Enhanced team well-being – gratitude boosts dopamine, resulting in greater optimism and increased energy
  • How to cultivate a “we’re in this together” mentality in work and life

Trust & Execution at 500mph Trust is an essential asset to break down silos, foster collaboration, deepen teamwork, drive engagement, and manage the never-ending process of change. John Foley knows first-hand that creating a tangible culture of trust will transform the way your company does business. High Trust Contracts enable elite teams like the Blue Angels to align around a common purpose, take risks, and think outside the box. Complete engagement comes when teams have each other’s backs – communication and honesty follow. How will your teams perform when there is complete, inherent trust in each other and the organization? Audiences Will Learn:

  • How to create trust in the team and increase the level of communication
  • Understand and embody tools that create and nurture trust-building efforts
  • Feel safe to make mistakes, share creatively and be more fulfilled at work
  • How a Glad to Be Here® mindset transforms the way you work and live

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John was phenomenal. It was really exciting to see him use that debrief session and his expertise as a speaker to tailor the presentation to our audience, it was very powerful.

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