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About John Sanei - Future trends specialist and member of the Singularity University

John Sanei is a world-renowned keynote speaker, futures strategist, lecturer, best-selling author, and your guide to future trends and visionary leadership.

With a knack for sharing knowledge and creating connections, John’s path lies at the intersection of human science, neuroscience, quantum technology, futurism, and business strategy. He decodes future trends, ignites ideas, connects with crowds and leaves a  empowering perspective that lasts long after he’s left the stage.

John’s keynote talks and masterclasses have taken him around the world and earned global recognition. He is Africa’s first Singularity University Faculty Member, a lecturer
at Duke Corporate Education, and an Associate Partner at the Copenhagen Institute or Futures Studies.

John stays on top of future trends by publishing a new book every year and his fifth book, Who Do We Become? was published in July 2022. When he’s not inspiring audiences, John’s convincing his friends, family and fans to adopt abandoned dogs. You can find John on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or tune in to his critically acclaimed podcast - The Expansive Podcast.

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What John Sanei talks about:

Future of Leadership

As a manager, leader, executive and/or board member understand the different leadership layers required to keep both today’s businesses thriving while planting seeds for what tomorrow requires.

Leadership is an evolving skill like all the skills we have learnt all the way from the agricultural era to the industrial era and now evolving at an even faster pace as we evolve into the quantum age. This is disorientating for everyone involved on every level of business, enterprise and government and especially for leaders who have not only to recalibrate their own skills but also of their people.

In this talk, John shares the latest research on the neuroscience redesign required to deal with challenges, the shifting organisational psychology needed to redesign organisations to be truly agile and how to build parallel teams needed to deal with the current and new rules of business.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the neuroscience behind the ability to recalibrate and relish challenge
  • Unpack the shifting business landscape to move from the industrial to the quantum age
  • Develop teams with new capabilities while keeping old teams intact


Future of Web3 –

Understand the unrestrained human, digital and business possibilities of the future.

In this keynote, John unpacks the harmonious future of humans and technology and helps you explore and envision a life of unbounded possibilities within the new digital, social and economic futures.
Key takeaways:
  • Human 3.0_The Wisdom Reality
    • The skills of the future differ dramatically from those we currently have at our disposal. Today, everything from education to work and how to add and create value demands more cognitive flexibility. Emotional and social intelligence and creative and innovative mindsets are the building blocks of the future.
  • Web 3.0_The Synthetic Reality
    • Creative problem solving, resilience and a reimagined life all lie ahead. Technology has finally progressed to revolutionize our businesses and how we work within and without them. Learn hot o leverage the metaverse, discover decentralized finance (de-fi) and explore new business ideas for physical and virtual audiences around the world.
  • Business 3.0_The Complex Reality
    • As patterns become non-repetitive is essential we move from economies of scale to economies of learning allow real business agility, an essential function for the future.


Future of Work

Shift your organisational perspective

As we endure the most remarkable transformation of our time, continuously questioning every aspect of life, we must cultivate deliberate focal points to shift our people and organisations fundamentally.

Learn from research insights that will help you reveal, rethink and reimagine your possible futures and develop the courage to move towards a life free from obscurity.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the neuroscience behind the emotional blocks we carry and their impact on teamwork.
  • Explore biases and asaumptions leaders hold.
  • Learn how future organizations build successful teams.
  • Understand why you need to shift organizational behavior to achieve future success.


Organizational Transformation

Develop purpose as a behaviour.

Rather than a cleverly crafted mission statement on a reception wall with the purpose of inspiring employees, this engagement deciphers how we develop our own skills as building blocks and instil them within organisations. We re-frame the age-old question ‘What is my purpose?’ in space and time when what has come before is defunct and what is to come is unknown.

Based on extensive research into Futures, Business Strategy, Human Behaviour and Psychology we’ll unravel the enigma of our role, as business leaders, entrepreneurs or managers, how we find meaning when the pillars of what we have known have shifted and what we do with this newly-acquired knowledge.

Key takeaways:

  • Break free from the pre-conditioned surplus society psychology and understand actual value generation.
  • Learn how to develop a mindset of maturity to enable the shift to embrace the digital age while heightening creativity.
  • Learn why curiosity is a valuable commodity.
  • Recognize what entrepreneurship means moving forward.
  • Understand the importance of developing strong human connections and how they can differentiate you.


Mental Well Being

As we evolve away from Industrial Age into the Quantum age – every touch point of our lives and businesses are up for questioning.

We are no longer in the old world and we are not in the old world either so we find ourselves in this middle ground or other wiser known as the wilderness.

In this talk, John shares the latest research on the neuroscience redesign required to deal with challenges, the shifting organizational psychology needed to redesign organizations to be truly agile and how to build parallel teams needed to deal with the current and new rules of business.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the human addiction to certainty
  • Unpack the ways to recalibrate the way our neuroscience works
  • Develop new rituals and habits



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