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About Dr. Mark Zandi - Economist and Speaker on International Finance:

Dr. Mark Zandi is a speaker on international finance and economics. He is the chief economist of Moody's Analytics, where he directs research and consulting. Moody's Analytics, a subsidiary of Moody's Corporation - is a leading provider of economic research, data and analytical tools.

Mark's research interests include macroeconomics, financial markets and public policy. His recent research has focused on the determinants of mortgage foreclosure and personal bankruptcy, analyzed the economic impact of various tax and government spending policies - and assessed the appropriate policy response to bubbles in asset markets. Mark also conducts regular briefings on the economy. He is often quoted in national and global publications and interviewed by major news media outlets. He is the author of Financial Shock, an exposé of the financial crisis, and Paying the Price, which provides a roadmap for meeting the nation's daunting fiscal challenges.

A trusted adviser to policymakers and an influential source of economic analysis for businesses, journalists and the public, Mark has frequently testified before Congress on topics including the economic outlook, the merits of fiscal stimulus, financial regulatory reform - and foreclosure mitigation.

Dr. Zandi received his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania, where he did his research with Gerard Adams and Nobel laureate Lawrence Klein, and received his B.S. from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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What Dr. Mark Zandi Talks About:

After the Great Recession: A Changed Landscape
The U.S. economy has started to grow again, but how and when will it fully recover? Everything about the worst recession since the Great Depression was out of the ordinary. The same is proving true of the recovery. Consumer spending, saving habits, credit markets, the composition of the labor force, the nation’s fiscal health, global trade dynamics – all were deeply rattled by global financial and economic developments. Layoffs have slowed considerably, but how long before the economy starts creating jobs? Major financial institutions are no longer on the brink of collapse, but when will banks loosen the purse strings enough to allow small businesses to expand and hire? And with the economy still dependent on massive government spending, how can policymakers eventually bring down the federal deficit to avoid runaway inflation without sending the economy into another downturn? Dr. Zandi shares with audiences his insights on:

  • The timeline for a full economic recovery
  • Potential policy pitfalls
  • The outlook for a permanently changed economic landscape

Financial Shock: Could It Happen Again?
How could a once-obscure lending category unleash the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression? How did the effects of the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis spread around the globe? Faulty reasoning and greed created an environment that led up to the crisis, and laxity allowed it to spread. To avoid a recurrence, homeowners, investors and policymakers would do well to examine not only specific missteps, but also the deeper forces behind the crisis, including homeowner psychology, anti-regulatory sentiment, and the technology that facilitates complex global lending. Based on his highly regarded book that exposed the roots of the subprime crisis, Financial Shock: Global Panic and Government Bailouts – How We Got Here and What Must Be Done to Fix It, Dr. Zandi helps audiences understand more deeply:

  • How mortgage lenders, investment bankers, builders, regulators, and the Federal Reserve caused this global disaster
  • How homeowners and investors can protect themselves from financial shocks already on the horizon
  • What policymakers need to do now to prevent a recurrence

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