Scott Halford


  • Scott takes the complex topic of neuroscience and distills it into bite-sized morsels that anyone can digest. He makes neuroscience feel intuitive, and his enthusiasm for the topic is downright contagious.
  • Talks about: Activate Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Success & Emotional Intelligence: Success in Business and Beyond
  • Internationally renowned keynote speaker and the bestselling author of Activate Your Brain
  • Past clients include: General Electric, American Airlines, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, First Data, Medtronic, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Centura Health, MillerCoors, Western Union

About Scott Halford - Expert, Best-Selling Author and Speaker on Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking and Influence:

Scott Halford is an Emmy Award winning writer and producer, an engaging communicator and presenter and a long-time consultant to Fortune 500 executive teams. Scott’s expansive knowledge in the areas of achievement psychology, including brain-based behavioral science, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and influence, add richness and depth to his programs.

You will appreciate Scott’s wise and timely insights into the human experience. His captivating ability to tell stories with humor, wit, and depth transports his audiences to destinations they may have never been; physically, mentally or emotionally. Participants laugh and learn, and consistently praise the rich and rewarding learning experience.

Scott is an accredited and certified Emotional Intelligence Provider as well as an Advanced Certified Associate in Emergenetics®. He holds an Executive Master’s degree from the NeuroLeadership Institute.

As an author, Scott has two best-selling books: Be a Shortcut, based on emotional intelligence and influence; and Activate Your Brain, a Wall Street Journal best-selling book and winner of the Bronze Axiom award for best business book.

Scott is on faculty at General Electric’s John Welch Center of Leadership in Crotonville, NY; is a guest lecturer for the MBA program at the Daniels School of Business at the University of Denver; and is a Trustee for the Iliff School of Theology. Scott is Founder and Principal of Complete Intelligence, LLC.

Corporate clients span many industries and include General Electric, American Airlines, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, First Data, Medtronic, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Centura Health, MillerCoors, Western Union and many more. Scott’s books are available on

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What Scott Halford Talks About:

Activate Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Success
Sell more. Produce more. Be more efficient. Keep your employees engaged. Innovate. Be happy. And you would love to have some time to just…think. You want it all, but how?

It all starts in the brain. Learn to identify what switches people on and what turns them off. What attracts and what repels.

Scott’s life-long study of human behavior is the foundation of Activate Your Brain. You will enjoy his uniquely interactive and entertaining style as you learn how neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and influence combine to provide innovative solutions to achieve business excellence. Participants take away tangible ideas about how to drive business strategies forward, with the brain in mind.

Emotional Intelligence: Success in Business and Beyond
Your business is competitive and knowledge-driven. To break out of the pack, you need to be more than just smart and technically savvy. You need the right values, appropriate behavior, and the ability to manage emotions. In short, successful people – you and your employees – need emotional intelligence (EI).

Most of us know emotionally intelligent behavior when we see it. But, is it important to business? Is it possible to learn it? The answers are yes and yes.

EI is essential in business and has been proven as a key differentiator. Emotional intelligence is not IQ – learn why you need both. In an engaging and interactive program, participants learn ways to apply and “grow” emotional intelligence every day, in every situation.

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Scott provided our employees with a fresh and engaging perspective on how each of us can better manage and lead through change. There was something for everyone in his presentation and his message was thought-provoking, intelligent and left a lasting impression on all that attended.


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