Tony Dwyer


About Tony Dwyer - Canaccord Macroeconomist and Chief Market Strategist:

Tony Dwyer is a widely known financial market strategist and macroeconomic expert. He is best known for the practical application of macroeconomic and tactical market indicators designed to assist institutional investors in making intermediate-term market and sector investment decisions. He is frequently seen and quoted on the various Financial News television and radio networks such as CNBC, FOX Business, and Bloomberg.  He takes complicated jargon down to an understandable and practical level – accentuated with humor. His experience and application ranges from the corporate board room to the individual investor.

Tony is a graduate of Le Moyne College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and currently sits on the LeMoyne College Endowment Fund Investment Committee.  He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two sons, enjoys being a private pilot, scuba diving, sky diving, and all outdoor sports.

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What Tony Dwyer Talks About:

Tony brings a wealth of experience from Main Street to Wall Street when discussing the global economy, international macro events, how human nature works in investing, and movements in capital markets. His creative, thought-provoking presentations sprinkled with humor will have an audience thinking and speaking well after the talk is over.  He gives over 300 presentations a year to audiences, large and small and is also available for bespoke presentations and projects for institutions and corporations. 

Popular Topics Include: 

  • The Macro-Economic Outlook, and why most of the indicators are terrible
  • What really makes the Stock Market move
  • How human nature and the media can influence decisions

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