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About Vijay Govindarajan - Thought Leader on Strategy and Innovation:

Vijay Govindarajan has been recently named the first Coxe Distinguished Professorship of Management at the Tuck School and founding director of Tuck's Center for Global Leadership. He is also the faculty co-director for Global Leadership 2020, Tuck's executive education program that focuses on global management and is taught on three continents.

For 25 years, Govindarajan has been advancing the field of strategy execution and advising senior executives in all industries on how to modify their organizations to achieve their strategic ambitions. Govindarajan focuses on teaching corporations to build breakthrough businesses while simultaneously sustaining excellence in their core business -- the subject of his new book, Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators.

Govindarajan currently writes a column for His articles have also appeared in journals such as Harvard Business Review, strategy+ business, California Management Review, and MIT Sloan Management Review. One of his papers was recognized as one of the ten most-often cited articles in the entire 40-year history of Academy of Management Journal. Govindarajan has published six books, including The Quest for Global Dominance.

As a popular keynote speaker, Vijan has been featured at many conferences such as the Business Week CEO Forum and the Economist Conference. Recognized as one of today's leading business strategists, Govindarajan has been named to a series of lists by influential publications, including: Outstanding Faculty in BusinessWeek's annual Guide to Best B-Schools; Top Five Most Respected Executive Coaches on Strategy by Forbes; and Eight Leading Executive Advisors by the Wall Street Journal Online.

Some of companies Vijay has advised include: AT&T, Boeing, British Telecom, Corning, Ford, The Gap, Hewlett-Packard, The Home Depot, IBM, J.P. Morgan Chase, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Sony, and Wal-Mart.

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What Vijay Govindarajan Talks About:

Once, strategy was about protecting your existing competitive advantage. Today, it is about finding your next advantage. In fact, the day you create a new strategy is the day it starts to decay. Through speaking engagements and executive seminars, VG challenges CEOs and top management teams to prepare for tomorrow’s business realities. His presentations combine findings from his original research with those of other strategy experts. His dynamic, yet charismatic style delights members of the audience. Some of his topics include:

Changing the Rules of the Global Game

We now live in an era of constant change, driven by the dynamic forces of technology, globalization, the Internet, changing demographics, and shifting customer preferences. As a result, companies find that their strategies need almost constant redefinition, either because the old assumptions are no longer valid, or because the previous strategy has been imitated and neutralized by competitors. Organizations must continually reinvent themselves in order to be successful. In many industries, they must do so in order to survive. VG’s discussions about Changing the Rules of the Global Game begin with this premise, plus the observation that everything that executives do fits into three boxes: Manage the present, selectively forget the past, and create the future.

Organizational Capabilities for Global Leadership

The ideas this presentation on Organizational Capabilities for Global Leadership are drawn from Govindarajan’s book The Quest for Global Dominance: Transforming Global Presence into Global Competitive Advantage. This presentation is an outstanding guide for executives charged with global expansion and maximizing the potential of a global organization.

Securing global presence is anything but synonymous with possessing global competitive advantage. Presence in strategically important markets is certainly a precondition for creating global competitive advantage. To convert global presence into global competitive advantage, the company must pursue three value creation opportunities: adapting to local market differences, exploiting economies of global scale, and maximizing the knowledge transfer across borders. Pursuing these value creation opportunities requires the firm to design the right type of organization (in terms of structure, systems, people, process, and culture), an organization that can simultaneously optimize local responsiveness, global scale, and knowledge transfer.

Building Breakthrough Businesses Within Established Organizations

Leading strategic experiments is the triple-flip-with-a-quadruple-twist of general management. No matter how talented and experienced the leader, chances are that this is a new and unfamiliar challenge. Govindarajan can help you understand the three fundamental challenges faced by strategic experiments, and can offer several specific recommendations to help you overcome them.

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