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Most Requested Speaker Topics As of June 2013

What’s hot? What’s trending? What kinds of Speakers are clients asking us about as we head into the Summer of 2013? Every 2 months our system tabulates all the searches done on our website as well as requests and phone calls and produces a list of the most requested topics. Our position in the marketplace as a Speakers Agency focused on research and results as opposed to marketing and selling gives us the opportunity to really listen to our client’s needs.

That’s what makes the results of our most requested topics list so interesting. This list reflects the major issues and challenges facing businesses in June of 2013.

  1. Leadership – Always within the top 4 but now more than ever companies want to give people the skills to lead both themselves and others.
  2. Innovation – Risen steadily in past 5 years, businesses want to know how to encourage a culture of innovation throughout their organizations.
  3. Change – Always top 10, higher in challenging times.  Clients need to make their people more adaptable and resilient.
  4. Teamwork – Businesses want ideas on creating a more unified workplace as different generations clash and more organizations attempt to become flatter to foster collaboration and communication.
  5. Client Service – Companies are finding that increased competition means they need to know how to deliver a greater customer experience.
  6. Geopolitics – Risen rapidly since 2008. Businesses want to know how different geopolitical trends will affect investing.
  7. Future and Technology – Clients want to both educate and inspire people about the future so they are ready for it.
  8. Economy – Companies want updates and a sense of where the market is going and how it will affect their industry.
  9. Inspiring Stories – Dropped off in the recession as it was hard to justify but now coming back as a way of bringing people together.
  10. Motivational Strategies – Clients are asking for more practical ideas and hands on strategies that their people can put to work right away.
  11. Communication – Businesses looking for new ideas on improving communications with clients and employees.
  12. Social Media – Was number 3 at one stage but falling fast as companies still struggle to find the right way to use it.