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6 Questions To Ask Before You Book A Speaker


What do you want the audience thinking at the end of the presentation?

  • “I’m Inspired what’s next?”
  • “I can’t wait to get back to my job and use those ideas”
  • “That was fascinating I should talk to my colleagues about what I just heard”

How much detailed content do you want the Speaker to deliver on their topic?
This is a factor if the Speaker is on late in the day or the sessions before or after the Speaker also have a lot of content.

Do you want the session to have Q&A?
This works well with smaller high level audiences that know each other and can ask specific questions. It can be more challenging with larger groups who have no direct connection to each other as the questions can be off topic.

Do you want to deliver ideas about professional or personal development?
Professional development presentations focus on ideas/skills that help people do their jobs. Personal development focuses more on ideas that help people lead fuller lives.

Do you want the ideas/message delivered in a story format or in a more practical approach?
Stories work better later in the day. Detailed practical approaches need to be on early,

Do you want the topic discussed in a big picture overview or in a more customized detailed format connected to the audience’s world?
Big picture works great if someone from your Company gets up after the presenter and connects the dots back to your audience’s world. Detailed customized presentations can be very empowering as long as the speaker has the opportunity to speak to several contacts inside your organization in advance.