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How to Stay Sane During the Holidays

For many, family holidays can create more stress than a missed deadline/room full of angry shareholders. After a few years apart, expectations and anxiety can be heightened.

We called on our experts in WellnessWorkplace CultureLeadership and more to create this list of  7 Tips for Staying Sane through the holidays.

1. Stay in the present

Here’s a great reminder from comedienne & motivational keynote speaker Meg Soper: “Given that we have somewhere around 50 thousand thoughts a day, being mindful of how we direct our mental energy is an important choice.” Staying present can help you choose where to direct your mental energy and how to remain above the fray. Read more…

2. Practice Mindfulness

And if that sounds too difficult in the moment, Mindfulness expert Pandit Dasa created this video that will help you find your equilibrium in just a few short minutes.

3. Be grateful

Write a list of things you feel grateful for (because we know the act of physically writing things down makes a difference neurologically). If you want to know the science behind this, check out this blog post from our organizational behaviour expert Dr. Gary Bradt.

4. Set boundaries

Did you know that one of the simplest ways to set boundaries is simply by saying No? Workplace culture guru, Adrian Gostick, talks about the importance of learning to say “No” to avoid burnout. This is especially relevant when it comes to family dynamics! Here’s how to do it without burning bridges.

5. Recognize what you can control

The weather, flight delays & Great Aunt Myrtle’s mood swings are not things you can control. Letting go of those things can make the difference between a good day and a bad day. Amanda Gore, our keynote speaker on Joy, shares her tips on how to keep everything in control in this post.

6. Take a creativity break

This applies to everyone! A small step into creativity – be it cooking, crafts, building a gingerbread house, or wrapping a gift – can open your eyes to a new perspective. Check out this article by Innovation expert Josh Linkner if you need some more convincing.

7. Take a trip down memory lane

As it turns out, nostalgia is a powerful tool to beat lonelinessboredom, and existential anxiety (i.e., the 2020 trifecta). Research shows that it also helps us be more optimistic about the future. In one study, when people recalled nostalgic events, they used more optimistic words than they did when remembering ordinary events. What’s more, when we relive positive memories with others, this “collective nostalgia” brings us even closer together – so get out those photo albums and start your stroll. This article by Dr. Tasha Eurich explains why nostalgia is so powerful.

From all of us at The Sweeney Agency, we wish you a happy, safe & healthy holiday!