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Speaker Booking Tip Number 7

One of the most important points to consider when picking a speaker to place on your agenda is this:

Business conference

What do you actually want the audience thinking when the speaker finishes speaking and they are heading into the next session?

Here are the 3 main outcomes from a speaker’s presentation.

1. “Wow that was inspiring/motivating/entertaining! I am glad they brought that speaker in. I am energized and ready for what’s next on the agenda.”
(Above is great if the audience is going into an update on the biz by the CEO or a presentation of some new idea you want them to embrace. You can end the event this way and send them off on a high, or start an event that has a lot of detailed content on the agenda.)
Who delivers this type of keynote? Adventurers / High Achievers / Overcoming Adversity Speakers.

2. “That was very interesting and useful. I can’t wait to get back to my office on Tuesday and use those ideas. Glad I came to this event! I learnt something practical that will help my business.”
(Above is great if the audience is heading into a break or a session with general content. Also they are inclined to share this info with people who weren’t at the event. “I learned this at the event.”)
Who delivers this type of keynote? Coaches on Leadership / Communication / Customer Service, etc.

3. “That was fascinating and really made me think. I should talk to my colleagues Frank and Susan about what I just heard.”
(Above is great if the audience is heading into break-out sessions or even lunch. This is the kind of talk they will quote to clients. “I was at an event last week and heard this fascinating expert on…”)
Who delivers this type of keynote? People with interesting views on the Economy / Trends / Technology.

If you can’t pick one, try and pick two with one as the major and the other as the minor.