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Instant Insights

Instant Insights releases the keynote from the stage, offering a new way to connect, learn & motivate your organization

Instant Insights is a full keynote presentation, delivered virtually in a series of 8-10 minute episodes to your audience, on a daily or weekly basis.

The Benefits of Instant Insights at The Sweeney Agency Speakers Bureau


Each Instant Insights presentation is created to YOUR schedule and to meet YOUR challenges, just like a traditional keynote presentation. 

The process for booking an Instant Insights speaker is the same as for a keynote:

  1. Decide on a topic or particular challenge
  2. Contact us to discuss speaker ideas
  3. Select a speaker with our help
  4. Discovery Call with your speaker to determine the best delivery timeline and method
  5. Impress your audience with your customized Instant Insight series.

Instant Insights offers a new way to engage and create an impact within your organization. 

Contact us to find out if a customized Instant Insights program will be a good fit for your organization.