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About Scott Burrows - Quadriplegic Speaker on Transformational Change:

Scott Burrows is living proof your life can change in an instant. By the age of 19, he was playing college football at Florida State University as a wide receiver and a top-ranked kick-boxing champion, with his last fight broadcast by ESPN.

On November 3, 1984, Scott’s life took a dramatic and irreversible turn. He was involved in a serious automobile accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down and diagnosed a quadriplegic.

Despite his grim diagnosis, Scott refused to be sidelined. He was determined to become motivated and made the decision to take action, to focus on the positives of the experience as opposed to dwelling on the obvious and overwhelming negatives.

With the tremendous clarity provided by his singular focus, Scott resolved to thrive in his life by using three principles:

  • Vision helped him see complete success in his mind’s eye first
  • Using Mindset, he let go of the past and focused 100% on what he could control
  • With Grit, he determined to take action and persevere until he succeeded

Scott’s application of these innovative concepts boosted and enhanced his recovery, and he achieved results that astonished doctors, therapists, family and friends alike. After graduating from college, he qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table in the insurance and financial industry, a 100% commission-driven award achieved by fewer than 8% of agents worldwide. He also developed into a wheelchair athlete and became a best-selling author with his book Vision Mindset Grit: How to Stand Up When Life Paralyzes You.

Employing his paralysis as a visual metaphor, Scott encourages his audiences to stand up to their challenges - regardless of circumstances - using the dynamic principles of Vision, Mindset and Grit. His presentations are inspirational, focused and enthusiastically received.

Scott has presented to hundreds of associations and corporations in the U.S. and around the globe. He has also shared the stage with iconic celebrities such as Rudolph Giuliani, Terry Bradshaw and Neil Armstrong. Speaking to more than 100,000 people a year, he influences the lives of millions as well through his keynote speeches, books, CDs and DVDs.

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What Scott Burrows Talks About:

Vision-Mindset-Grit: Success Strategies to Help You Stand Up to Any Challenge 
Our world continues to change at the fastest rate in human history. With the expanding capabilities of technology like smart phones, social media and mobile apps, the economy is ever-changing, as are the workforce, the marketplace and your competition. If you are unwilling to adapt and be more flexible, beware—chances are you will be left behind.

With unparalleled credibility, Scott Burrows gives audiences the tools they need to stand up and conquer any challenge in both their professional and personal lives. He will encourage them and show them how to accept change and difficulties, revealing how to embrace adversity in order to persevere. Scott will instill in them the belief that they can indeed achieve all that they aspire to regardless of circumstances.

Scott’s compelling story of tragedy and triumph is the backdrop to this presentation, providing what will be an unforgettable and lasting memory. He’ll inspire and motivate audiences to live purposefully while applying the same timeless principles that have helped him overcome incredible obstacles: Vision-Mindset-Grit. This dynamic and thought-provoking presentation—told while using his own physical paralysis as a metaphor and blending eloquent storytelling and humor—leaves audiences spellbound and wanting more. 

Learning Objectives:


  • Learn how to create a compelling Vision that empowers you to take action
  • Discover the impact of connecting your organization to a shared Vision and set of core values
  • Understand how to imprint your Vision to separate you from your competition
  • Find out how Visualization can encourage you to stretch beyond your comfort zone as well as any self-perceived paralyzing limitations 


  • Learn how to create an unstoppable Mindset 
  • Discover transformational techniques to not letting your Mindset become your biggest handicap during the tough times
  • Understand how the power of forgiveness, a leadership trait, can restore hope and lead to greater organizational productivity 
  • Find out how “Anything is Possible” if you are willing to “Break the Fall Line." Learn that asking “What Questions” during times of adversity, keeps you moving forward into your future


  • Learn how to find your passion to persevere and to execute during times of change
  • Examine why your willingness to fail, but your unwillingness to quit as an organization can help you achieve extraordinary results even in today’s ultra-competitive world
  • Discover how to tap into your inner strength and stand up to any challenge.Understand how by taking meaningful risks and being resilient in your pursuit can turn impossibilities into possibilities
  • Cultivate ways to unlock your Grit

Think Outside the Moment
Feeling scared, vulnerable and overwhelmed are inevitable—and inescapable—traits of the human condition, whether at work, at home or in other social environments. In this lively, engaging session, Scott Burrows helps audience members root out the causes of those anxieties and learn from each other how to think outside the moment to fight such fears for a more productive, enriching life.

Through careful guidance and an inspiring approach, Scott digs deep into the vulnerabilities and dynamics of the group for a unique session where everyone gets involved and everyone leaves with new skills and coping mechanisms built around his empowering concepts of Vision-Mindset-Grit.

Audiences discover the answers to 2 pivotal questions: 1)  What is your Vision? What are you now fighting for going forward in both your personal and professional life? 2) Who is willing to hold you accountable?

Everyone involved will develop:

  • A clear Vision
  • A determined Mindset to adapt and be more flexible than ever before to any uncomfortable situation
  • Unstoppable Grit to stand up tall and perform regardless of their comfort zone

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It was as though Scott had been working side-by-side with our General Agents, as he clearly demonstrated an understanding of the issues and opportunities they face.


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