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About Alvin Law - Inspirational Speaker on Overcoming Adversity:

Alvin Law is one of the infamous "Thalidomide Babies" whose bodies were deformed in the early 1960s when their mothers took a prescription drug to

treat morning sickness. Alvin is a powerful speaker who shows the world that obstacles can be overcome with the right attitude. He

is more than just a cheerleader who pumps up the audience to produce momentary excitement, only to leave an empty feeling a short time later. Alvin's
message is one that will stay with your audience.

Against all odds, Alvin's adoptive parents Hilda and Jack taught him, as a baby, to use his feet. By the age of five, there was nothing he couldn't do. With

a little hesitation on the part of educational experts, he attended a regular school and graduated from the Yorkton Regional High School with Honors. During

school, defying even more odds, Alvin became an award-winning trombonist, drummer and vocalist. That same year he was a Saskatchewan Junior Citizen of the

Year. Again with Honors, Alvin graduated from Mount Royal College in Calgary, earning a diploma in Broadcasting.

Alvin's story has been profiled on numerous television stations, one feature receiving an Emmy Award. He has also been in three documentaries shown across

Canada and the US; the most recent, Extraordinary People, profiled the lives of four Thalidomiders as they approach middle age. Alvin has even

dabbled with some acting, appearing in independent filmmaker Harmony Korine's Julien: Donkey Boy, and in his biggest role Alvin played a preacher on

an episode of The X-Files.

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What Alvin Law Talks About:

An hour with Alvin Law could possibly be the most inspiring hour you’ll ever spend with a speaker. This program is more than just another story of overcoming

adversity. It is about the incredible power of humanity and the difference one person can truly make in a world searching for the answers as to why we’re


Alvin Law is hard to miss, especially when he takes off his shoes and uses his feet. Whether it is in a restaurant having lunch, buying a magazine at a

newsstand or driving his car, Alvin defies logic. Most amazing is his smile and genuine happiness, despite adverse circumstances.

Through his powerful imagery and storytelling, Alvin takes you through his life. You will hear about the impact of those who entered Alvin’s life, both good

and bad. You will hear about his amazing parents who adopted this unwanted baby and proved wrong all the experts who predicted a life void of any quality.

You will hear about the pain that accompanies such an obvious handicap. You will also see him use his feet to play the piano and drums. He tells the stories

of his life. You will laugh a lot. You should also bring a tissue. If words are indeed the voice of the heart, Alvin will touch yours.

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I am confident your presentations motivated those in attendance to make the best of whatever situation they find themselves in. I know listening to you motivates me to be a better husband, father, son and police officer!!

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