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  • Expert on the intersection of generational differences and attention science, Curt provides a fresh take on perplexing leadership problems.
  • Talks about: FocusFit: How to Harness the Power of Human Attention for individuals & teams
  • Curt dissects brain science and human behavior in an engaging way to explain why some things always work and others never will.
  • Past client include: AT&T, Southwest Airlines, Deloitte, JPMorgan Chase, Nike, BMI, the US Naval Academy, and SAP, among others

About Curt Steinhorst -  Speaker on Strategic Communications & Digital Distractions:

Curt Steinhorst is the author of the bestselling book, Can I Have Your Attention?, a Top 30 Global Guru, and a regular Forbes contributor on leadership strategy. He pulls from a decade’s worth of research in attention science, generational differences, and technology trends that shape views on leadership, engagement, and productivity.

Speaking worldwide more than 75 times a year, Curt has pioneered our understanding and appreciation of human attention as it applies to organizational productivity and health. He is also the founder and CEO of Focuswise, a consultancy that helps leaders develop focused cultures and teams that thrive.

Curt also serves as the Head of People & Culture at Venus Aerospace, a deep-tech company building a spaceplane that enables one-hour global travel. In this role, Curt is responsible for Venus' commitment to innovation by forging a team that changes the world and still gets home for dinner — a core Venus Aerospace value.

His many clients include Nike, AT&T, Southwest, SAP, JPMorgan Chase, Marriott, Apple, Accenture, and Deloitte Consulting to name a few.

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What Curt Steinhorst Talks About:

Making Hybrid Work 

How do leaders create hybrid organizations that re-engage their people, boost productivity, and enable teams to do their best work? As workers return to offices, leaders must be careful not to fall into the trap of regressing to “work as usual from 2019.” The pandemic exposed many of the problems of our pre-pandemic workplace; it taught employees valuable lessons about how they best work, and convinced them not to settle for less. That’s why recovering from the pandemic by attempting to install the old normal is a reflexive leadership mistake. But if not that, then what?

This is a landmark opportunity to reconsider how to address many of the problems of the pre-pandemic workplace: what truly matters, what we expect workers to accomplish, how we enable or obstruct their capacity, whether the work is valuable, and whether we optimize human potential for greatest productivity and loyalty. Curt covers the various forces at play in our changing workplaces. Leaders will learn the key emerging trends (generations, technology, office spaces, and culture) that impact employees and leaders. Curt explores what works – and what doesn’t – by identifying the best practices and hidden traps as leaders orchestrate the hybrid workplace of the future.

Key Leadership Outcomes:

  • How to build trust, unity, and buy-in with a dispersed workforce
  • How to identify and lead past the most common and demoralizing threats to retention, productivity, and engagement.
  • How to navigate the varying and conflicting hybrid work preferences based on employee generation, experience, tenure, role, background, and personality.
  • What best practices and outof-the-box ideas leaders will use to innovate for the next five years.
  • How to use and transform office space and technology to support productivity, innovation, and engagement.
  • Which practical tactics will help you set clear expectations and boost productivity throughout the organization.
  • What “return to work” policies work best to reduce turnover and attract top talent
  • How to navigate the varying and conflicting hybrid work preferences based on employee generation, experience, tenure, role, background, and personality

Navigating Through the Fog Keynote
How do top leaders communicate clearly, gain trust, and build commitment in times of change, when even they don’t know the way?

The arrival of the pandemic changed business, the economy, public health, home life, and almost everything else. It was a universal experiment in sudden, massive uncertainty, coming on the heels of its polar opposite, widespread confidence. And it arrived with no established road map to the immediate future.

Right now, parts of that road map are still elusive. Leaders and individuals at every level in every organization must navigate through a staggering amount of change and unrelenting noise with a surprising lack of relevant, concrete information about what comes next. Despite our best efforts, teams remain inundated and overwhelmed; workplace culture is a question mark; and corporations and their employees seem at odds about what they want.

How do leaders untangle this plate of spaghetti to provide straightforward, meaningful direction and confidence in these unprecedented times?

In this presentation, Curt dives deep to show you how to clarify your vision, find certainty, and lead organizations even when the answers to pressing questions are not knowable. Every leader in attendance will leave with new insights, strategies, and specific actions they can apply immediately to drive growth in uncertain times.

Key Outcomes:

  • How to use the turbulence to loosen old constraints and create different rhythms of work and communication that lower stress, drive greater engagement, and allow focused productivity.
  • How to drive growth, innovation, and high performance without creating burnout.
  • How to provide visibility and encourage collaboration without overwhelming employees with endless meetings and constant interruptions.
  • How to clarify confusing, uncertain, and unprecedented situations to give your employees a defined path and the confidence to follow it.
  • How to keep people focused, resilient, and motivated during prolonged periods of uncertainty.

FocusFit: How to Harness the Power of Human Attention
How do you tackle the rising number of obligations, blurring work and home life boundaries, and a dizzying volume of news and information without being defeated by it?

Humans today are navigating a staggering amount of change and an unrelenting flow of noise and information, leaving many leaders and teams feeling overwhelmed, inundated and disengaged. We worry about how we use our time, but how often do we consider where we put our attention? Are we focusing on what matters most? Asking this question – and mastering the power of your own attention – will be the critical differentiator of our time.

By combining the science of how the brain works with how we operate in a data-saturated world, Focus Expert Curt Steinhorst helps individuals at any level take back control of their focus and attention and apply it in ways that lead to greater productivity and success.

In his signature speech that resonates with audiences around the world, Curt Steinhorst delivers the essential elements of focus and attention that can empower each of us – and whole teams – to conquer chronic distraction and overload, break through the noise, and get the important work done. Curt will help audiences:

  • Gain tactics and tools to help your brain operate at peak performance
  • Learn how physical space reflects (and even defines) our mental space, shaping how we work
  • Adopt simple but profound ways to protect your focus and unlock your time
  • Reduce futility and master new ways to get more done
  • Adopt high-performance focus techniques that allow you to thrive in any environment

The FocusFit Leader: Build Teams That Thrive Through Uncertainty, Complexity, and Change
It is a leader’s responsibility to provide visibility and encourage collaboration without inundating employees with endless meetings and constant interruptions. Despite our best efforts, teams are more overwhelmed than ever before. Leaders have access to a finite amount of the most precious resource: their team’s focus and attention. They must understand how to deploy it to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Now is the perfect time to re-establish smarter patterns of focus, communication, and collaboration to equip your teams for the future, whether in-office or dispersed:

  • Utilize tools required to build teams that succeed and thrive
  • Turn “always available / always responsive” into “always accountable / always responsible.”
  • Reconfigure communication norms/protocols/standards to avoid interruption and unreasonable demands
  • Institute the distinct requirements to manage a remote and in-office workforce
  • Create shared rituals to build team cohesion and unity
  • Unlock exploration and create a team unafraid of change

FocusFit Teams: Collaborate Effectively and Thrive in the New Era of Work
Our established patterns of collaboration have been rewritten overnight. How does a team work together effectively when they are no longer in the same room? How can we use this time to build more resiliency and team agility? As workplace culture evolves at a dizzying pace, now is the perfect time to re-establish smarter, more effective patterns of focus, communication, and collaboration – so your team is equipped and ready for the future.

What are the new rhythms of work and communication you can establish today that will drive greater engagement and success for your team now and in the future? How can you create personal bonds and facilitate real productivity remotely, so we can all get the important work done?

  • Collaborate in a way that achieves clarity of purpose and higher productivity
  • Form an Attention Alliance that respects individual team strengths and enhances productivity
  • Work together to expand capacity and reduce demands on our attention
  • Learn to cut out non-essential meetings and stop wasting each other’s time
  • When you do meet, make them more productive, effective, and even enjoyable virtually or in-person
  • Create a team culture that embraces constant change, looks for innovation, and is well prepared to meet uncertain needs ahead

Breaking Through: Capture and Keep The Attention of Your Most Prized Audiences
Just because you said it, doesn’t mean they heard it. Your audience’s attention has never been more divided or diffused. The window to reach them has never been smaller. And yet, the opportunity to break through the noise and capture their attention has never been greater. In a world where no one can focus on anything, the value of effective communication has never been higher.

To address the distinct needs of today’s audiences effectively, both inside and outside the company, leaders must radically alter their approach – and they must be strategic and intentional in the choosing the right communication format, length, channel and timing.

Attention expert, Curt Steinhorst, will prepare you to excel in today’s complex and challenging communication environment — helping you authentically connect with today’s multi-generational, constantly connected, easily distracted audience.

Breaking Through presentations have helped thousands around the world connect with their most important audiences. These talks can be tailored for specific teams, including:

Marketing and Sales Strategy

  • Gain an “outside the industry” perspective on how the science of attention reveals consistent gaps and huge opportunities.
  • Create a journey that resonates with your customers’ need to explore.
  • Foster a community that your customers trust.
  • Identify what your customers value most and how that informs your value proposition.

Virtual Meetings and Webinars

  • Succeed in an environment with an average zone-out rate of 90% after just ten minutes.
  • Understand the hidden factors that drive attention.
  • Learn the best ways to set up and manage the camera, mic, and lighting.
  • Avoid the slide trap and introduce unexpected elements.
  • Compensate for the “flattening effect,” tin voice, and more.

Live Presentations

  • Capitalize on the moments that define the impact of your voice and ideas.
  • Build an irresistible speech structure.
  • Overcome the natural biological mechanisms that create anxiety.
  • Eliminate micro-expressions that undermine credibility.
  • Master audio/visual components.
  • Deliver in a professional, confident, and poised manner that makes people want to follow your lead.

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Curt was fabulous! The audience was very engaged, the topic was extremely beneficial and he was really funny. Our United Van Lines and Mayflower agents wanted more time with him!

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