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In the last 2 years Dr. Howard Rocket has started four new businesses. That is an amazing accomplishment in itself but even more amazing when you realize that a few years ago a stroke nearly killed him. For Dr. Rocket passionately believes that your attitude is everything especially in these challenging times. Howard was a successful dentist-turned-entrepreneur when he suffered a massive stroke on the morning of October 27, 1995. By that evening Howard was a dying man, a blood clot lodged deep in his brain, his body barely responding to medical intervention. There had been warning signs for days prior, but he did not understand their cause, nor the crisis that they foreshadowed.

With valiant medical attention and good fortune Howard survived and made a stunning recovery, but the experience changed his life forever both in body and in attitude. He has since co-authored A Stroke of Luck, his personal story of how recovery from a stroke changed his life and his outlook. A powerful speaker, Dr. Rocket helps people understand that they can overcome any obstacle.

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What Howard Rocket Talks About:

Dr. Howard Rocket helps people understand that they can overcome any obstacle. Audiences will be inspired by Howard’s powerful message, his astounding determination, and his success against all odds. A personable, entertaining and touching speaker, Howard shares
with audiences the story of his rise to success as an entrepreneur, founding a well-known chain of dental practices, subsequently suffering a major stroke, and then his incredible story of recovery despite no such expectation from the medical community.

Medical science and pure luck saved Howard. His difficult recovery throughout 1996 was nothing short of a miracle. Since his recovery, Dr. Rocket has campaigned to change people’s attitudes towards stroke and increase awareness of its warning signs. I am the luckiest person alive today| he tells people, but it all could have been avoided.

He has published his experiences in a book entitled A Stroke of Luck written with Rachel Sklar (Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Foundation, 1998), and has been featured in numerous print articles and television programs. One hundred percent of net proceeds from sale of his book go directly to agencies involved in stroke research and treatment.

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I think absolutely fabulous is an understatement. He received a standing ovation at the end of his speech from a crowd that is notoriously stingy with the compliments.

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