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About Eric Termuende - a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum, Author, and Speaker on Optimizing Workplace Culture, Future of Work, and Engagement in the Workplace:

Eric Termuende is a thought leader on optimizing workplace culture, productivity & peak performance, the future of work, business strategies, and engagement in the workplace. He provides key actionable takeaways on how companies can drive engagement through connection and trust. Eric is the co-founder of NoW Innovations, a bestselling author (Rethink Work: Finding and Keeping the Right Talent, publisher: Barlow Book Publishing, 2017), and an international speaker. His work has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Thrive Global, the Huffington Post, Globe and Mail, and elsewhere. Termuende was recognized as a Top 100 Emerging Innovator under 35 globally by American Express, is a TEDx speaker, and represented Canada at the G20 Summit.

Eric dispels generational groupings to re-humanize and gain more out of the workforce. Having given nearly 200 presentations, he goes beyond diversity and inclusion to help audiences understand people and patterns in order to optimize the workplace. His new book, Rethink Work is now available on Amazon.

Eric’s Mission, Vision, and Value Statement:

Eric’s mission is to change the way we think about work. His vision is that by getting his message out in the world, there will be less of a talent gap, communications gap, and age gap in the workplace. He values giving a presentation that respectfully challenges the people he addresses, and adds to the life they live and the position they work in.

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What Eric Termuende Talks About:

The Future of our Workforce
The World Economic Forum says we are now entering the fourth Industrial Revolution, one where we no longer are taking steps, but leaps forward. Considering exponential integration of technology and accessibility of information being greater now than ever before, what stories are we telling to attract the right candidates to the workforce? More so, how are we finding purpose in the work we do and happiness in the lives we live? In his presentation, Eric talks about the importance of community and belonging at work. The conversation about the future of work is bigger than Millennials and generations, and spans wider than technology and workplace aesthetic – it is about people and creating a life each of us can enjoy living through the work we do.

Winning the Talent War – 3 Unorthodox Rules to Elevate Recruiting, Retention, Performance, and Ultimately Organizational Success
Leaders are facing unprecedented challenges, making a competitive edge elusive.  Many believe they have a productivity, innovation, or product issue, yet most organizations have missed the root cause. The truth is, they are facing a talent crisis.  Failing to attract, retain, and engage the right people is costing businesses greatly, both in terms of dollars wasted and opportunities missed. With increasing external threats, rampant commoditization, and generational shifts, the problem is only becoming worse.

Through years of extensive research and practical experience, Eric has developed a systematic approach to winning the talent war. In this inspiring and actionable keynote, Eric takes the audience on an unforgettable journey, awakening leaders to fresh approaches to sustainable success. He reveals three counter-intuitive and extremely powerful steps to boosting performance, beating back competitive threats, and driving long-term shareholder value.

In this energizing session, audience members will:

  • Embrace a radically new approach to recruiting, boosting success rates dramatically
  • Uncover the biggest myths and blockers of fully-engaged talent
  • Increase retention of top performers, while having low-performers self-select out of the organization
  • Eradicate and replace ‘empty values’ with authentic experiences
  • Become armed for battle with practical tools and takeaways to put into immediate action, including:
    (a) The most unusual job description, which will yield the exact talent fit
          for your team
    (b) How to differentiate your story to new candidates and existing team
          members as well
    (c) A next-practice approach to harness employee ownership, buy-in|
         and engagement
  • Discover unique connection points between talent and leadership, thereby driving loyalty, trust and performance

The NoW of Work
Trust, belonging, constant feedback, transparency, innovative, agile. These are among the words that our organizations need to be rooted in and really focus on. The days of 9-5 transactional work are long past us, and the Future of Work is years away from giving us the freedom we thought we would have. The result, organization of all sizes need to understand how to build teams, engage employees, and create a sense to community and belonging, while still driving engagement. The NoW of work is rooted in new tools, frameworks, and processes, all of which are covered in this modern presentation.

The Cost of Connection
Over 90% of the information on the internet today was put there in the past two years. With 40% of corporate America feeling an unprecedented sense of loneliness, and the average person spending over 3.5 hours on our phones a day, the way we connect is changing. The ‘Honeymoon Phase’ of technology is here, and we’re in the eye of the storm. How do we balance the increasing dependency of technology while still getting the most out of the people and relationships around us on a daily basis? What do we need to do to build a modern team that leverages technology, but still gets to know people for who they are. In this presentation, Eric provides tips and tricks that wow the audience and leaves them with tangible takeaways to live a more connected life.

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Relevant, engaging and with some strong practical takeaways for the audience of seasoned Chief Executives of a range of companies - from manufacturing to health care to technology to financial services. He is an excellent presenter and readily relates to senior executives.

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