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About Gaby Natale - Transformative Motivational Speaker, Triple Daytime EMMY-Winning Journalist, Bestselling Author & Entrepreneur

Every individual has an opportunity to break barriers and redefine what is possible, and triple Emmy-Winning Journalist and Bestselling Author Gaby Natale is on a mission to awaken the PIONEER spirit in each of us.  

Gaby is among just a few women in the entertainment industry who not only owns the rights to her TV show, but also a television studio. This unique situation has allowed her to combine her passion for media and her entrepreneurial spirit, which continues to help her break barriers. In 2021, Gaby became the first Latina author to be published by the leadership division of HarperCollins. 

Her first book, The Virtuous Circle, became an instant bestseller, topping Amazon’s New Releases charts in 3 different categories (Business, Inspiration and Self-Help). What has made the book so successful is that it offers readers actionable strategies on how to channel their innate strength and abilities to best work for them.

Gaby has been featured in Forbes, CNN, Buzzfeed, NBC News, Univision and Latino Leaders magazine. In 2018, People magazine named her one of the “25 Most Powerful Latinas,” highlighting the inspirational story of how she went from a local TV show that started out of a carpet warehouse to becoming the only Latina in US history to win triple back-to-back Daytime EMMYs. In the digital world, she has a thriving fan base with over 52 million views on YouTube and 250K+ followers on social media.

A consummate entrepreneur, Gaby is also the founder of AGANARmedia, a marketing company with a focus on Hispanic audiences that serves Fortune 500 companies such as Hilton Worldwide, Sprint, AT&T, eBay and Amazon. She holds a Bachelor’s in International Relations and a Master’s degree in Journalism from the University of San Andres and Columbia University. Prior to starting her career in television, Gaby taught Communication and Journalism courses at the University of Texas.

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What Gaby Natale talks about: 

There are many stages in life when we are asked to envision what the future will hold for us. Gaby Natale offers a fresh perspective on how to think of yourself as a modern-day pioneer and turn discomfort into a wake-up call for transformational leadership and personal growth. Using a spirited blend of self-discovery techniques and storytelling about her improbable journey to success, this keynote invites the audience to be their own change agent and reminds them that no roadblock is insurmountable if you embrace the pioneer spirit. 

PIONEER: Embrace Your Uniqueness, Break Barriers and Redefine What is Possible

The real-world challenges that companies, executive leaders and employees face today can feel like a fork in the road. We either resist change, choose comfort and remain stagnant, or we make a conscious choice to evolve, however discomforting it may feel, to become the change we want to see in the world. Leveraging over a decade of interviews with newsmakers, celebrities and pioneers from all walks of life, Gaby Natale’s inspiring keynote reminds audiences that pioneers are not extraordinary people. Pioneers are ordinary people who chose to see themselves and the world in an extraordinary way. Everyone is capable of astounding evolution as long as they access the right tools and mindset. Framed by her relentless enthusiasm and groundbreaking career as the first Latina in the history of US television to win three back-to-back Daytime EMMYs as well as being the first Latina to be published by HarperCollins Leadership, Gaby delivers actionable advice on how to become driven and ready for whatever comes next. What makes this keynote stand out is the fact that Gaby has personally tested every strategy she talks about in her own life, as she embraced her uniqueness, broke barriers and ultimately redefined what was possible. Now she is teaching global audiences to do the same. 

Key Takeaways

  • Identify and cultivate an individual’s potential for greatness.
  • Understand the importance of dreaming and develop an action plan to make dreams come true.
  • Learn the difference between the Emulator mindset and the PIONEER spirit.
  • Blunt adversity by converting enthusiasm into fuel.
  • Embrace a sense of purpose to become an agent of positive change.

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Gaby reminded us of the importance of being the first – of being a pioneer and forging your own path when one does not yet exist. She brought energy, joy and emotion to the stage for her keynote and her enthusiasm was contagious! We are grateful for the time and energy she put into making our leadership conference a success.

VP, JP Morgan Chase

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