Garry Golden


  • Talks about: Finding the Future – Tomorrow’s Emerging Trends, and How to Anticipate and Act on Them for Success
  • Garry works with municipal and investor owned utilities seeking to embrace the integration of new solutions ranging from new customer experiences to distributed energy resources.
  • Author of   Designing Your Future, and The Age of Adaptive Experiences
  • Past clients include: Alliant Energy, Chartwell, Sunoco, Eversource, Haliburton, Xcel Energy, Reliant Energy, Duke University EDGE, Direct Energy Business, The Energy Authority (TEA), ElectriCities of North Carolina, American Public Power Association (APPA)

About Garry Golden -  Academically Trained Futurist and Speaker on Emerging Trends:

Garry Golden is a professionally trained futurist who writes, speaks, and consults about issues that will shape society and business in the 21st century. His uncanny sense of what will hit—and what won’t—can be seen in futurethink’s research and heard in his international keynotes and corporate leadership seminars. His insights on how to align talent development to coming industry and market transitions have been shared with and implemented by such organizations as the McGraw-Hill Companies, Goodyear, S&P, and Reliant Energy.

Garry serves as Adjunct Lecturer on the Future of Energy and Environment for the University of Houston. He has consulted on projects as diverse as the future of utilities; transportation and supply chains; food safety and health; financial services; and sustainable retail packaging. He is the co-author of the inspiring book Designing Your Future, and author of the upcoming book titled The Age of Adaptive Experiences.

Garry attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received his Futures Studies degree from the University of Houston. He is a past board member of the Association of Professional Futurists (APF) as well as an aspiring collector of street art (which will likely be huge in the year 2040.) If left to his own devices at a museum gift shop, odds are a micro-machine or geological piece will be finding itself a future home.

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What Garry Golden Talks About:

Finding the Future – Tomorrow’s Emerging Trends, and How to Anticipate and Act on Them for Success
Today’s leading innovators know that they must not only stay on top of emerging trends, they must also continually act on these signals of change in impactful – even disruptive ways. Organizations don’t need high-tech machines, complex algorithms or crystal balls to find what’s ahead. In this inspiring, thought-provoking keynote, Garry Golden helps leaders analyze key drivers of change and learn to extrapolate future implications for their business and society. He enables attendees to stretch their minds around what is possible in the future, and challenges them to develop a clear vision for success in the year 2020 and beyond.

The key lessons of this keynote: Using foresight, individuals will come to understand the process of anticipating future trends and understanding the implications those trends have on their industry. Anticipating and acting on change can be achieved using strategic tool to drive innovation and growth strategies that can help your organization lead market transitions.

The keynote will demystify the future and identify key drivers of change:

  • Interactive Game: In the News
  • Misperception Challenges: Rethink Futurist Thinking
  • Drivers of Change: Explore Implications for 2015 – 2025
  • Anecdotal Observation: America’s Next Great Demographic Transitions
  • Trend Overviews:(Sample: Artificial Intelligence & Data-driven Innovations: How Software is Transforming the World, etc.)
  • Taking Action: Bring Foresight to Our Team
Garry will introduce actionable ways to analyze the future and predict upcoming trends that will affect your industry. Participants will leave this keynote with the foresight to take their organization in a new direction for innovation success.

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    Garry’s techniques pushed us out of our comfort zone to think about new ideas. He’s shifted our way of thinking from the day-to-day to long-term plans

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