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About Jeff Bush - Financial & Political Speaker, Principal of The Washington Update: 

A dynamic and insightful speaker, Jeff Bush is known for his unique ability to translate difficult and confusing tax and fiscal information coming out of Washington into winning growth strategies for business owners, executives, and high net worth investors. Jeff is a colleague of Andy Friedman and an integral part of The Washington Update, the non-partisan experts on all things Washington D.C.

Jeff does more than 200 presentations yearly in the US and abroad to a client base that includes a who’s who list of fortune 500 firms from Wall Street to Main Street and everywhere in between. Jeff has been featured in Investment News and has been an analyst on POTUS Sirius/XM radio. While best known as a keynote speaker, Jeff has shared the stage with many notables including former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford, Jr., Consuelo Mack, host of Wealth Track, Morgan Stanley, Chief Investment Officer, Jeffrey Applegate, Ron Insana, reporter for Market Score Board and former CNBC Senior Analyst.

Jeff is a 28-year veteran of the financial industry. During a 10-year career at Merrill Lynch he was responsible for providing, through 7500 financial advisers, creative investment strategies and effective risk mitigation approaches to private and corporate clients across the US. By the end of his career on Wall Street, he was managing a $50+ billion business. Before that, Jeff was the youngest managing partner in the 150-year history of The New England Financial, an investment and tax risk consulting firm. He began his career at Principal Financial Group, where he handled complex underwriting issues before moving into the areas of research and development.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Management with emphasis in accounting and philosophy from William Jewell College. Jeff’s dedication, forward thinking, and strategic abilities have resulted in performance records, industry awards, and leadership accolades. 

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What Jeff Bush Talks About:

The Washington Update: An Overview of the Political Environment, Prospective Legislation, and Strategies for Investment and Retirement Planning
In 2017, for the first time in eight years, a new administration will take over the White House. This election has the potential to be a turning point for the country. Will the nation shift left, right, middle, or in an entirely new direction? What will it take for a candidate to win the primaries? The general election? (The criteria are not the same.) How does income inequality – and the candidates’ disparate plans to address it – figure into the election equation?

The questions don’t end with the election. What sort of initiatives would the candidates, as president, undertake in the first year of office? What is the likelihood the new president will have the support of a Congressional majority to implement those initiatives? How would candidates’ plans for taxes, fiscal policy, and entitlement (Social Security and Medicare) reform affect investors, retirees, and the market generally? Can we finally achieve tax reform?

Of course, the need to pass legislation is not suspended just because it is an election year. How will Congress deal with pre-election deadlines to fund the government and allow the United States to continue to borrow, as well as the ongoing geopolitical issues?

For financial advisors there is another question: What effect will the Department of Labor fiduciary rules have with respect to IRA accounts, and how will those rules alter the way advisors do business?

The answers to these questions have the potential to roil the markets along the way. Jeff Bush, expert in political and legislative affairs, will provide those answers and keep you informed of their likely effect on investors.

They also will provide strategies that investors and financial advisors can consider to take advantage of (or protect against) market volatility and upcoming legislation, including specific strategies for investment, wealth transfer, and retirement planning.

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