Jenny Evans


  • Jenny talks about the connection between the daily grind of life and the chemistry of the brain and body and how to build resilience every day.
  • Audiences leave with actionable micro-strategies that individuals and teams can implement immediately to start building their resilience and stress-proof their brains.
  • Jenny Evans is a speaker, author, and on-air expert on physiology and chemistry, as it relates to resiliency, confidence and performance. She is also the author of The Resiliency rEvolution, TEDx speaker and regular contributor to The Huffington Post.
  • Past clients include: Microsoft, Cisco, Nestle Purina, Johnson & Johnson, Blue Shield, US Bank, Aveda, Clinique, Estee Lauder and MGM Resorts.

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About Jenny Evans - Speaker, Author, & Expert on Physiology and Chemistry

Jenny Evans is a speaker, author, and on-air expert on physiology and chemistry, as it relates to resiliency, confidence and performance. She is highly experienced, having worked with thousands of C-suite executives, leaders, and employees — from corporations, associations, and universities across the globe.

Her dynamic presentations and training sessions both educate and inspire audiences by linking the stressful challenges of everyday life to the body’s own chemistry and physiology. Jenny brings to life the art of optimizing your own chemistry to boost your performance and productivity, all while enhancing your health and energy.

Jenny’s events are active, engaging, high-energy, and life-changing – leaving audiences inspired, informed and on their way to leading a more productive life in increasingly demanding business environments.

Her award-winning book – The Resiliency rEvolution — has been hailed as a “smart, clever read and super-practical guide to leading a more full and resilient life.” She is also the creator of Hit the Deck – the ultimate tool for combating stress and increasing productivity and fitness.

Jenny has spoken on the TEDx stage, is the resiliency subject matter expert for Optum and The Big Know’s digital courses, writes as a blogger for The Huffington Post and was NBC KARE 11’s Health & Fitness expert for over four years. She has been quoted on National Public Radio, in Health Magazine and Women’s Health, while being showcased on, and Jenny has a bachelor of science degree in kinesiology with an emphasis in psychology from the University of Minnesota and has been an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for over twenty years.

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What Jenny Evans talks about:

Guiding Principles for Creating a PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIFE
(and how they can help you find an elephant when necessary)
Throughout this keynote, I’ll take you on a captivating journey through the deserts of Namibia, where I joined forces with an elephant conservation organization with the purpose of tracking a majestic bull elephant named Porthos.

During my work on this project, I began seeing important parallels between our desert quest to track down one specific elephant to our quests to track down our sense of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in our personal and professional lives.

Science shows that a sense of purpose makes us more resilient, creates a buffer from stress, increases our confidence and engagement, improves mental health, and even predicts our longevity.

In this thought-provoking keynote, I’ll teach you six powerful strategies I learned working with expert elephant trackers that will forever change the way you approach your own journey. (I’ll also share the wild and unpredictable moments that unfolded during my extraordinary trip.)

Drawing important parallels between the vast wilderness of Namibia to the landscapes of our own lives and careers, we’ll:

  • Dive into the secrets of seeing the world through fresh eyes – how to get out of autopilot, our silos, bubbles, and habits & routines to cultivate experiences that inspire innovative ideas, profound thoughts, and powerful emotions.
  • Highlight the significance of seeking diversity in opinions and perspectives to enrich our search for new ideas and insights.
  • Learn how to hone our observational skills, embrace our internal guidance systems, and unlock a deeper understanding of our paths both professionally and personally.
  • Understand how to tap into our courage to follow signs, navigate obstacles, overcome fear, and embrace the unexpected.
  • Discover how to uncover hidden bits of information, growth opportunities, and the importance of nurturing certain aspects of our lives. Elements of the trip showcased the incredible resilience and fertility of the natural world, reminding us that growth often emerges from the most unexpected places and that difficulties can serve as powerful fertilizer for personal and professional development.
  • See how embracing a broader perspective empowers us to make informed decisions and navigate life’s challenges with greater clarity.
  • Answer the ONE question that guarantees clarity, direction, commitment, prioritization, and accountability both inside and outside of work.

From Resignation to Resilience: Ignite Your Passion & Purpose
Recent events have caused your leaders and employees to question their lives and careers. You’ve lost many valuable people and the ones who haven’t left are not as engaged as they used to be. They’re contemplating what they want – and need – from their work and are ready to consider other opportunities.

We process our external world using our inner compass and inner dialogue.
Unfortunately, many of us don’t have as much clarity on our inner compass as we think, and we lack awareness of how much our inner dialogues are sabotaging our success. As a result, we’re overwhelmed when faced with change, are less resilient to stress, lose confidence and direction, and are less engaged.

Research shows that people who are purposeful in their jobs perform better, are more likely to avoid burnout, and are more committed.

And using inner dialogue to create purposeful stories drives engagement, passion, and success.

Not only will your people experience the game-changing discovery of their current purpose, but the rich group dialogue that takes place will also form a deep sense of connection, understanding, and unity.

Stop Burnout In Its Tracks: Expand Your Capacity & Get Recovery
Employee stress and burnout are two of the top issues organizations and people are facing today. This session takes a physiological and chemical approach to how to truly optimize the human operating system for sustained high performance that does not come at a cost to people’s health, sanity or engagement.  

  • Stress is the stimulus for growth, but only when it’s followed by recovery.
  • Understand how to expand your capacity in a healthy, sustainable way.
  • Understand what qualifies as “high quality” recovery, and how to get it physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 
  • Learn how to balance the demands you have on your energy with a renewable supply.
  • Create a plan for expanding capacity and getting recovery physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

From Overworked, Overwhelmed & Overstressed to On Fire, On Purpose & On Your Game
Getting clear on purpose is essential for resilience. Research shows that people who lack purpose in life have a higher incidence of depression and anxiety and that they’re less resilient to traumatic events. Insight and deep knowledge of beliefs is also essential for performance in business and life. Many employees are struggling with focus, productivity, and prioritization. Certainty of beliefs immediately creates a sense of clarity, direction and accountability necessary for making important decisions – and taking appropriate action – in stressful times.  

  • Understand the connection between purpose, chemistry, resiliency & engagement. 
  • Establish clarity on how you define success professionally & personally. 
  • The answer to the ONE question that guarantees clarity, direction, commitment, prioritization and accountability both inside and outside of work.  
  • Learn about neuroplasticity of the brain, storytelling, and how to strengthen stories that work as well as get rid of stories that prevent engagement, action, and accountability.

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“Jenny was a fantastic speaker that not only has energy, emotion and tons of knowledge behind the topics she covers, but she really makes you think about your health, lifestyle and everyday routine that can be so easily influenced positively or negatively. In a world of change, enhanced technology and never-ending demands and challenges of everyday life, she has a great way of breaking down why you make the choices you do and how to fight your inner Sneaky Pete. Everyone really enjoyed Jenny, including myself, and I have made several changes to my everyday decisions based on hearing her speak!”

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