Reva Goujon


  • Senior Manager of Corporate Advisory at the Rhodium Group; Former Vice President of Global Analysis and Speaker on International Politics
  • Talks about the intersection of geopolitics and macroeconomic trends, short and long-term geopolitical forecasting, the intelligence method & U.S. foreign and trade policies
  • Featured in numerous newspapers and broadcasts, including Bloomberg, CNN, The Associated Press, NPR, Time magazine, Al Jazeera English, FOX News, Haaretz, The New York Times, The Hindustan Times, Agencia Estado, Xinhua, Veja and Business Week

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About Reva Goujon - Geopolitical Strategist & Speaker on International Affairs 

Reva Goujon is a senior macro geopolitical strategist with 17 years of experience working with C-suites and government agencies on how to deconstruct risks, assess future scenarios, and make informed decisions. Reva is known for her ability to watch the map move and anticipate how deep, structural forces, including US-China great power competition, aging demographics, disruptive technologies, the energy transition, and the reorganization of global trade, are reshaping corporate behavior and the global order at large.

Reva is currently a senior manager for the corporate advisory team at Rhodium Group, an independent research firm globally renowned for its ability to produce cutting-edge, data-driven insights on macro trends, from the evolution of China's economy to the tumultuous road to net-zero emissions.

Prior to joining Rhodium Group, Reva was a Managing Director and Head of Strategic Intelligence at Martin+Crumpton Group LLC, an intelligence-driven strategic advisory and risk management consulting firm. Before that, Reva was Stratfor's Vice President of Global Analysis, where she spent 15+ years leading a global team of intelligence analysts and served as the chief thought leader for the firm's strategic analysis, forecasting, and scenario-planning services.

Reva also regularly delivers keynote speeches to corporate and political audiences in the United States and abroad. Her consultations with strategy teams of companies across the globe cover a range of industries, including technology, energy, finance, defense, commercial real estate, and agriculture.

She has been featured in and cited by numerous newspapers and broadcasts, including Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Associated Press, National Public Radio, Time Magazine, Al Jazeera, FOX News, Haaretz, The New York Times, RT, The Hindustan Times, Agencia Estado, Xinhua, Veja, and Business Week.

Reva is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations. She has a bachelor's degree in government from the University of Texas and a master's degree from the Security Studies program of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

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What Reva Goujon Talks About:

In her presentation, Reva Goujon provides an audience with unique insights into political, economic, and military developments around the world. Using her area of expertise combined with current geopolitical analysis, Goujon explains how history is seen as a series of events determined by individuals and their actions. By analyzing politics, economics and military developments, she produces provocative explanations of world events, and forecasts opportunities that lie ahead. This independent, non-ideological content enables decision-makers to not only better understand geopolitics, but also to reduce risk and identify opportunities in every region of the globe.

A Manic Moment in Time – Current Geopolitical Drivers of Power, Conflict, and Progress in an Existential Era:

  • The structural forces in play that are upturning the global order: aging demographics, great power competition, climate change confrontation, reorganization of global trade, disruptive tech – the broader implications of these conspiring forces for the global economy.
  • What are the lessons learned for China from the Russo-Ukrainian war? To what degree can the G7’s economic statecraft playbook even be applied to a China conflict scenario?
  • What’s the expiration date on the current multilateral moment stemming from the Russia war? Expectations and implications for US-China decoupling? What lies ahead for China’s economic coercion strategy?
  • Why the world needs to be prepared for much slower growth in China, and implications from short, medium and long-term GDP growth scenarios.
  • What’s the future of US trade policy?

Other Areas of Expertise:

  • The intersection of geopolitics and macroeconomic trends
  • Geopolitical forecasting, short and long-term
  • The intelligence method
  • U.S. foreign policy


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