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About Richard Newman - Best-selling Author, Speaker on Communication and Leadership:

Richard Newman is an award-winning expert in Leadership Communication, Storytelling and Influence, working in advanced communication since 1995. Richard specialises in showing leaders how to speak with greater impact and influence. He is regularly featured on BBC London Radio and is the author of the best selling book You were Born to Speak and the recently launched Lift Your Impact.

Richard’s clients include CEOs, Vice-Presidents and leadership teams across many industries, including Virgin, Expedia, EE, AXA, Microsoft and 3M.

In 2014 he won the Cicero Grand Award, the most coveted award in the world for speechwriting. In December 2018 he published his book ‘You were Born to Speak’ which on launch day ranked with Amazon as #1 best-seller on both kindle and hardcover editions.

Richard began by ‘Teaching English as a Foreign Language’ living in a Tibetan monastery in India. He then studied professional acting in London for three years. Richard worked as an actor on stage and screen, whilst continuing to study communication skills. Richard has been featured on Sky TV, Channel 5 News, in the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Forbes Magazine and many appearances on BBC London Radio and BBC Breakfast TV.

Richard founded Body Talk in 2000 and began working with a well-known Formula 1 team. His team at Body Talk have now worked with over 120,000 clients from 46 countries around the world. Recently they helped one client win over £1.2 Billion in new business by improving the way they communicate.

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What Richard Newman Talks About:

Discover the essential elements that all effective business stories must have, in order to captivate your audience. Learn how to increase your personal influence and make ideas happen through the art of storytelling.

  • Learn the PRO storytelling method, as used by successful business people, to make your ideas compelling, clear and memorable
  • Make complex messages come to life with simple tools that ensure you captivate your audience
  • Discover how to get your audience to take action after your meetings, winning buy-in and creating momentum behind your ideas
  • Ensure you get the reactions and respect your deserve, by transforming the dynamics and relationship with the people you meet

Peak performance mindset
Learn how to overcome challenges and achieve a peak performance mindset, so that you are able to perform at your best in important meetings, with strategies you can use before and during the event to ensure you gain the results you deserve.

  • Priming – learn how to reach a peak state in your mind before important events, so that you can achieve more tomorrow than you did yesterday
  • Anchors – develop simple anchors that bring you back to your best self, which you can use before and during key events, to get the results you deserve
  • Defying the demons – learn to overcome the nagging doubts and worries that can hold you back, by overriding them with peak mindset techniques
  • Actions – how we hold ourselves, how we breathe and what we focus on, all work together to change the impact of our actions. Learn how to take charge and make sure that everything you do is helping you to achieve your goals
  • Real event readiness – apply everything you have learned to an upcoming event, so that you are ready to perform at your best.


Personal impact, gravitas and influence

Richard’s breakthrough research will show you how to dramatically increase your gravitas, authority and impact. You can convince 42% more people with your sales pitch, increase your leadership ratings by 44% and even win 59% more votes in an election, by avoiding common habits and learning critical strategies.

Discover advanced body language and voice techniques that allow you to increase your influence and impact, with examples from speakers and leaders who inspire us to listen.

  • Lights, Camera, Action – learn professional strategies used by broadcast journalists and TV presenters, so you can increase your virtual impact
  • Gain effective body language techniques that boost your personal presence and gravitas, through making small changes that create a big difference
  • Adapt your style to the needs of your audience, becoming a dynamic communicator to enhance your meetings with different people
  • Interactive Q&A and activities throughout the session, so that you can immediately apply everything you are learning and increase your results

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These strategies transformed the way our team communicates, accelerating our progress and increasing our success. Richard and his team have a rare skill for teaching powerful techniques in a dynamic way and delivering real-world results

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