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About Rob Lilwall - Inspiring and Motivating Speaker, Author and Adventurer:

Rob Lilwall is an adventurer, author, and keynote speaker whose accomplishments include independent adventures by bicycle and foot across 50,000 miles (80,000 km) of the world.  Rob's inspiring and motivational stories are first-hand accounts of his travels through Siberia, Tibet and Mongolia in winter, as well as Papua New Guinea, Australia, China, Iran and Afghanistan. He has two TV series with National Geographic and has written two books.

In his speeches, Rob takes the audience with him on his journey, bringing to life the mindsets that are needed to succeed in today's uncertain, high-pressure and high-opportunity business environment. He weaves in powerful takeaways to empower the audience to thrive amid change, embrace challenges, and achieve great goals.

Rob has given speeches in over 50 cities around the world, to organizations including Microsoft, Symantec, Gemalto, IBM, ADP, ABB, Swire Properties, CBRE, Ayala Land, Stokke, MEC, Nike, adidas, P&G, Mars-Wrigley, Ferrero, Hyatt, Marriott, IHG, HSBC, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Alliance Bank, Permira, Prudential, Manulife, AIA, Sun Life, Randstad and Thomson Reuters.

Rob’s keynote speeches are an ideal fit for conferences, town halls and off-sites where, alongside industry experts and company updates, you are looking for an out-of-the-box story to add value and give “wow” to the event, and which will provoke a deep, positive change in attitudes and habits.

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What Rob Lilwall Talks About:

Rob’s presentations are brought to life by epic photographs, stunning video clips and his well-honed ability to tell an engaging story. Whether it be walking across the Gobi Desert in winter, or being the first person to take a bicycle over the Kokoda Trail in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, he reflects on the attitudes which allowed him to survive and thrive in his adventures, and applies them to the challenges of our day-to-day work lives. Such attitudes are covered in a range of 
topics including:

  • Thrive amid change & uncertainty
  • Embrace failure
  • Collaborate better
  • Persevere under pressure & rise from setback
  • Achieve great goals
  • Harness fears & take the best risks
  • Improve self-care & wellness
  • Grow self-discipline

Different clients have different needs: some look purely for an epic, exciting story of adventure; others may want to develop and focus more on the above attitudes. Rob is always keen to tailor his talk to the specific requirements of the client. He is based in Hong Kong and available to speak worldwide.

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Rob's journey is amazing. His story is a great way for organizations to deliver a unique way of thinking, focusing on the growth mindset, the importance of clear goals, self-focus, reflection, perseverance, connections, risk-taking and problem solving.


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