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About Scott Klososky - Technology Speaker, Author, Consultant and Founder, Future Point of View:

As a founding partner of digital strategy firm, Future Point of View (FPOV), Scott Klososky lives on the leading edge of technology and innovative thinking. Scott speaks to large audiences worldwide about the intersection of humanity and the Digital Transformation. Through FPOV, Scott provides advisory work for clients including Fortune100, SMB’s and government entities. This work has driven him to develop unique concepts such as the HUMALOGY® Scale for measuring the amount of human or machine involved in a system or process, and the Rivers of Information® process for building learning eco-systems. He also pioneered a framework for looking accurately into the future of an industry sector in order to set organizational strategy: The High Beam process.

Scott co-founded Alkami Technology (ALKT), the developer of a second-generation online banking platform with innovative features non-existent in current systems. The company went public in 2021 at a $3billion valuation and is today headquartered in Dallas with over 350 employees.

Scott is recognized globally for his unique ability to accurately predict future digital trends and explain the logic behind why these will alter the current status quo of the economy and society. While business application of his insights is extremely valuable to leaders and companies, he is also motivated help improve the impact post Covid environments are having on people and their daily lives. Technology has been increasingly driving change and stress and recent events are amplifying this problem. He has a unique perspective on how to manage the personal toll technology is causing people, teams and organizations.

Even as a young child, Scott was destined to see the world through a Humalogy® lens. His father was a programmer for Boeing and his mother was a counselor who mixed many philosophies into her practice of helping people in life. To this day, he is a hybrid of a technologist and humanist who strives to find a hopeful future in blending the two.

Scott has the ability to entertain, inspire, and enlighten audiences, while helping them gain new perspectives about how technology is impacting us. Scott never does a canned presentation with the exact content across events. He sets himself apart from other speakers by architecting his content with the latest examples, current events and trends relevant for the keynote he is delivering. He is equally adept at giving large stage keynotes, speaking to small boards of directors, facilitating half and full day workshops, and doing break-out sessions. As an added bonus of his presentations, attendees come away learning how to be a better facilitator, speaker or presenter by seeing Scott use different applications and technologies to engage audiences either in a virtual, hybrid or in person setting. The best measure of his ability to inspire and inform audiences is the high percentage of speaking clients who bring him back for follow up work with their audiences.

He produces a podcast titled “The Digital Optimist” in which he delivers ideas about the transformation of humanity through the impact of technology with a positive and hopeful lens. He also writes a blog titled Digital Awakening – both can be found at his website at

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What Scott Klososky Talks About:

Survive and Thrive in the Digital Transformation – Leading in Disruption: Building a Digitally Mature Organization
Surviving digital transformation will require organizations to vastly improve their digital maturity. To do so, leaders must first understand where their organization currently stands and ways they can improve.

Scott has developed a model outlining nine dimensions of digital maturity. This model includes a measurement of your leadership’s technology IQ, systems of engagement and record, data maturity, and ability to navigate risk. There are important considerations required in each area to develop digital maturity.

Digital transformation is more than just the “Uberization” of your industry. It rewards those that use technology to more effectively serve customers, those who create efficiency, and those who use technology to gain a competitive advantage. Scott works with leaders across a variety of sectors and organizations of all sizes, helping them improve their digital maturity. These experiences inspired him to develop a world class online assessment focused on digital maturity.

In this presentation, the emphasis is on helping leaders measure where their organization currently stands with its ability to use digital strategies to win in the market.

Attendees will learn how to apply this digital maturity model to their own organization and take away practical ideas they can apply to their own organization. As a bonus, Scott will provide attendees with a complimentary sample of an online digital maturity assessment.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how the proper implementation of digital tools can make your organization thrive in transformation
  • Learn the 9 dimensions of digital maturity, and prioritize them based on the needs of your organization
  • Apply the Digital Maturity Model properly inside your organization
  • Delivery of a complementary online digital maturity assessment sample to all attendees

Best audience: Managers, Executives, C-level leaders, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Associations.

Leading in Disruption: Navigating the Digital Transformation
Every leader inside every organization is currently facing the monumental task of maturing their tools, processes, and people in a world dominated by technology. The ultimate health of every organization is based on how well this transformation occurs. In a thought provoking and inspiring presentation, Scott walks you through the digital transformation and its formidable impact on your industry.

Scott considers technologies that are currently impacting your sector, including the Internet of Things, automation, wearable devices, cashless society, cybersecurity, hyperpersonalization, and much more. He peppers this talk with real world examples of organizations that have navigated the digital transformation successfully and those who have not. He also uses interesting and humorous anecdotes from his work as a CEO, technologist, and consultant to provide illustrations of the steps leaders must take to pilot their organizations through a world that is evolving at breakneck speeds.

The goal of this presentation is to encourage leaders in their ability to use technology to make their organizations more efficient, effective, and capable of adapting to a rapidly changing marketplace.

Learning objectives:

  • Consider the influence innovative technologies are having on your industry
  • Understand how technology can be used to make your organization more efficient, effective, and capable of adapting to a rapidly changing marketplace
  • Develop “high beam” thinking, looking out into the future to spot trends that will disrupt your industry
  • Creating RIVERS OF INFORMATION® to help you grow your technology IQ more quickly and effectively
  • Form a “technology halo” so customers can recognize the ways you use technology to offer them convenience and ease

Best audience: Managers, Executives, C-level leaders, Business Owners.

The Blueprint for Your Technology Halo: Harness Data Like the World’s Most Successful Companies – Tapping Technology’s Greatest Resource: Wielding Data as a Weapon
Netflix knows the movie you want to watch. Starbucks knows when you want a cup of coffee. Facebook knows everyone you’ve ever met. You can order from Amazon at the push of a button. How? DATA.

These companies are using data to serve their customers in revolutionary ways. A “technology halo” is when you use technology so effectively to serve constituents that they take notice. When you don’t provide this, they also notice. Like it or not, your services are being compared now to the companies listed above.

Data gives you a view into your customers that was once inconceivable. However, turning raw data into intelligence is a painstaking process.

Scott has spent decades helping organizations use data in inspired ways.

In this program, he shares how to use data to more effectively reach and serve constituents.

Scott walks leaders through the process of turning data into intelligence, how to use data like the world’s most successful organizations, and how to get customers buzzing.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to use the Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom (DIKW) chain to make better decisions faster
  • Maximize the data you are collecting from your customers and team members
  • Build a digital revenue engine to allow data to flow properly throughout your organization
  • Develop a comprehensive list of the types of data you need to collect, giving you insights you’ve never considered
  • Use data the way leading edge organizations do to make their customer experiences spectacular

Best audience: Managers, Salespeople, Marketing Executives, C-level leaders, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Associations.

Protecting Ourselves in an Increasingly Connected World – Cybersecurity: The Battle in Cyberspace We Must Win
The Internet of Things, Cyber Warfare, Digital Pearl Harbor: The field of cybersecurity will only grow in its impact on people, organizations, and our world. What will the future bring?

In this presentation, Scott looks forward to tackling some of the challenges we will soon face in cyberspace. Will we witness a rise of surveillance on each of us, constant threats of digital attacks from state-sponsored actors, and bad guys attempting to seize control of our vehicles, our wearable devices, and our smart homes? These are some of the important topics that will be addressed in this presentation.

Scott is recognized for his unique future vision and his ability to extrapolate technology trends that will influence our world. In this program, he points this capability toward the world of cybersecurity to explain why it will become one of the most critical elements of our future.

Learning objectives:

  • Analyze the ways new technologies will impact the field of cybersecurity
  • Evaluate how the Internet of Things remains an enormous threat to our infrastructure
  • Identify the increasing danger from organized cybercrime
  • Understand what each of our growing digital footprints will mean for our privacy
  • Learn steps you can take to protect your devices, and yourself, in an increasingly connected world

Best audience: Business-side leaders looking to learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity, technology-side leaders looking further into the future of cybersecurity; it can also be engaging for people of any level of their careers.

Building a Humalogy® Based Customer Experience – How Data and Connection Will Transform Your Outreach
In order to grow revenue and market share, organizations must transition from a focus on transactions to relationships. Marketing today is always a combination of human and technology touchpoints, and learning to integrate those wisely can be a powerful advantage.

Scott explains three pillars of digital marketing: Relationship, Tools, Techniques, and the Digital Revenue Engine. The content may be heavier on any one of these pillars, based on what the audience might find most useful. For example, many people want to learn how to map a relationship journey to define where and when to use digital tools, to create a smoother journey.

As the field of digital marketing becomes more complicated, it is valuable to have models audience members can apply to their unique situations, in order to build tighter customer relationships in ways that are powerful and affordable.

A pioneer of digital marketing techniques, Scott has been on the cutting edge since the early days of the industry. This session combines his knowledge of your industry with digital marketing savvy to show you new methods for driving more business.

Learning objectives:

  • Optimize your customer experience for mobile
  • Build a content strategy centered around the relationship journey to drive customers to you
  • Harness the enormous amount of data potentially available through customers’ mobile devices to serve them in unbelievable ways
  • Go beyond email campaigns and social media posts to having specific conversations with each one of your customers
  • Discover how smart devices and the Internet of Things will produce a seismic shift in the way you serve customers

Best audience: C-Suite Executives, Sales Managers, Salespeople, High Potentials, Customer Experience Professionals.


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