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About David Nour - Social Networking Strategist and Speaker on Relationship Economics:

David Nour is a growth strategist and the thought leader on Relationship Economics - the quantifiable value of business relationships. In a global economy that is becoming increasingly disconnected, The Nour Group, Inc. has attracted consulting engagements from over 100 marquee organizations in driving unprecedented growth through unique return on their strategic relationships. David has pioneered the phenomenon that relationships are the greatest off balance sheet asset any organization possesses, large and small, public and private.

He annually delivers 50 global keynotes on business relationships, social & mobile disruptive technologies, and adaptive innovation at leading industry association conferences, corporate meetings, and academic forums. He is often a guest lecturer at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University and Georgia Tech's College of Management. David serves as the lead independent director on the board of introNetworks, a privately held intelligent community technology firm based in Santa Barbara, California.

David's unique perspective and independent insights on business relationships as well as social and mobile innovation have been featured in a variety of prominent blogs and publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fast Company, [email protected], Associations Now, Huffington Post Business, Medium, Entrepreneur and Success magazine. He is the author of several books including the best selling Relationship Economics (Wiley), ConnectAbility (McGraw-Hill), The Entrepreneur's Guide to Raising Capital (Praeger) and Return on Impact (ASAE).

An Eagle Scout himself, David is passionate about youth with his foundation's support of the Centennial Scouting movement, Junior Achievement, One Voice aiming to create peace in the Middle East, and the High Tech Ministries. He is currently an active member of the FBI Citizens' Academy, Society of International Business Fellows (SIBF), and the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) where he has earned the Governance Fellow accreditation.

A native of Iran, David came to the U.S. with a suitcase, $100, limited family ties and no fluency in English! He earned an Executive MBA from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University and a BA degree in Management from Georgia State University.

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What David Nour Talks About:

Return on Impact – How Will You Lead Differently?
Based on David Nour’s most recent book, Return on Impact – Leadership Strategies for the Age of Connected Relationships (ASAE), this session focuses on how disruptive technologies such as social and mobile have helped swing the power pendulum to members and customers while many industries and organizations continue to get disinter-mediated. Return on Impact isn’t about Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. It’s about socially-enabling the organization to listen louder and think faster, so it can respond in real time to changing market dynamics. And in the process, adapt new revenue models, reinvent itself and grow its bottom line, top talent, and deep relationships.

Relationship Economics – The Art and Science of Relationships
David Nour’s most acclaimed keynote based on the best-selling book, Relationship Economics Updated & Revised (Wiley), delivered to more than 50 corporate, association, and academic forums. This session focuses on the quantifiable value of business relationships and a systematic process to identify, build, nurture and leverage personal, functional and strategic relationships. Of exceptional value to most audiences are the battle-tested best practices in bridging relationship creation with relationship capitalization this session offers.

Adaptive Innovation – Adaptable Business Models for Changing Market Demands
How do you create greater market value than your competitors? How do you help your channel partners differentiate your products or services? Simple disrupt your value chain! Adaptive innovation, by definition, is destructive in its character, open to a broad base of business models, and must be driven by high performing teams, focused on maximizing the current and future capabilities of their respective organizations. In order to create sustainable competitive advantage, companies must develop a relationship-centric culture with the courage to fail and learn from those failures.

#NewNorm 8 Strategies to Elevate Yourself Above The Market Noise
When an estimated 75 percent of your target market doesn’t believe your advertising and marketing, how do you get their attention, influence their thinking, and issue a call to action? This session is focused on eight strategies to elevate your brand, team, or efforts above the market noise. From becoming an object of interest to provoking your relationships and gaining conceptual agreement on objectives, measures, and value (OMV), the content is practical, pragmatic, and applicable to a multitude of roles and desired outcomes.

Enterprise Evangelism – The Economic Value of Exceptional Experiences, Every Time
Exceptional experiences: we all know it when we have one, and seldom return to places where we don’t. Beyond customer service, exceptional relationship experiences have become the expected norm by members, customers, patients, and employees. What will the same consumers who stay at brand-name hotels, purchase personally-delivered cars, and otherwise favor high-touch, high-care shopping, on- or off-line, expect from their experiences with your brand?

Sharing Economy – The Disruptive Nature of Collaborative Consumption
What do Airbnb, Lending Club, and City CarShare have in common? They’re examples of disruptive innovation in peer-to-peer business models, empowered by real-time insights, highly personalized sharing, global distribution, and reuse of excess capacity in goods and services. All of which fundamentally increase the value of those goods and services for individuals, businesses and communities based on a set of values including extreme trust, transparency, economic empowerment, creative expression, authenticity, community resilience, and human connection. Will your industry be next? And what will you do about it?

Contextual Intelligence – How To Outthink and Outperform Your Competitive Peers
At the intersection of situational awareness and the ability to apply intuition to sense and respond to trends, are a mindset, a tool-set and a roadmap that has been taught at our military institutions for years. This session brings to a broader audience a decade of consulting with high-performing individuals, teams, and organizations, most particularly, how they think, position, execute, analyze insightful data, and make course correction against their competitive peers. It is time to stop asking or wondering what happened and learn how to make it happen in 2014 and beyond.

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