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About Vince Poscente - Olympic Skier and Motivational Keynote Speaker

Vince Poscente, one of the most in-demand speakers today, is an expert on resiliency - the ability to overcome challenges and motivate to bounce back even stronger than ever before. His client list includes top organizations with one thing in common: they understand that success is not just about reaching your goals and getting what you want. There also has to be an intent to handle set-backs and overcome obstacles and end up smarter, stronger and more focused than ever before, Vince knows first-hand the power that attitude, determination and innovation play in your future success -- especially when life doesn’t go as planned.

Vince has two signature keynotes where the first half of his life he went downhill. The second half he goes up. First, Full Speed Ahead reveals the formula for big goals in short order with his story of recreational skier to Olympics in just four short years. Second, Become a Local Hero, outlines the qualities of everyday heroes using the backdrop of ten years of leading Heroes Climb expeditions in the Himalayas. In both cases audiences experience the way to bounce back and find another path. Another solution. Another way to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Vince is a New York Times Best Selling author. Hall of Fame Speaker in the USA and Canada.  Award winning business owner. Expedition leader.

So, what are your teams’ obstacles? The economy?  Competition?  Negative attitudes?  Lower productivity? And the list goes on.

Vince is the #1 go-to guy for taking a team and teaching them how to lead better.  Produce more.  Sell more. And move past the obstacles and into a mental space that creates the kind of success you and your team want and deserve.

This is NOT Vince just telling his story. Because everybody has a story. This is about Vince sharing strategies and solutions that will definitely change how your team handles crisis. Problems.  Competition. And change.   Without understanding resiliency and the absolute importance it plays on everything and everyone - your team will not have the skills they need to overcome the things that will inevitably stand in their way.

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What Vince Poscente Talks About:

Do What the Competition is Not Willing to Do
A motivational keynote speech based on the international phenomenon, The Ant and the Elephant (endorsed by LeBron James in Sports Illustrated) plus Vince’s extraordinary story about reaching the Olympic Games and skiing at 135 mph.

Sales people are a unique collection of high performing individuals, with considerable expectations, facing a cascade of opportunity. This is coupled with a world of personal accountability and life balance. Vince delivers a wildly entertaining, thought provoking and substantive insight on how sales people can thrive in a competitive landscape.

Vince went from recreational skier to the Olympic games in just four years. Skiing at 135 mph on skis, he shares a remarkable formula about (while standing on a chair):

  • Clarity of Purpose
  • The Process of Commitment
  • Consistent Effort in a Competitive Environment
  • Building Confidence
  • Routines for Controlling Peak Performance

Giving executives and their sales people a collective experience allows a conference fulcrum for better sales execution and higher profits. The Ant and the Elephant – Leadership for the Self has profoundly affected how countless sales teams explore internal motivation and future potential.

Get Your Buzz On
“Find your BUZZ and you’ve found your TRUE WHY!” Vince’s motivational keynote speech for network marketing professionals has been delivered around the world for Direct Sales audiences wanting a high energy, humorous, and an inspiring message around accelerated goal setting. This has been Vince’s most requested speech over the last twenty years. It revolves around the three key elements of “big goals fast”:

  • Alignment starts with each of us having an “emotional buzz” surrounding the goals in front of us
  • Agility is facilitated when we “do what the competition is not willing to do”
  • Aerodynamics is all about efficiency and eliminating things that cause drag (such as fear and interruptions)

Full Speed Ahead – Develop the Olympic Class Leadership Mindset: Swifter, Higher, Stronger and Smarter
The solutions to roadblocks for leaders of corporations are explored in this entertaining and thought-provoking message.

Vince accelerates achievement for leaders in our corporate landscape. According to Vince, “The Olympic movement is pervasive in our society on many levels.” Primarily, we can all relate to the pursuit of excellence. We can also appreciate the three core principles of the pursuit of excellence, international understanding, and fair play alongside the motto of Citius, Altius, Fortius (Swifter, Higher, Stronger). But the unwritten motto for high performing leaders is “Smartius.” Inevitable obstacles spring from basic human nature. In the personal and corporate landscape, real life issues and the realities of competition pervade.

Become Local Heroes
Franchisees who expertly shift their teams’ focus from I to Us will become LOCAL HEROES. Vince Poscente delivers an interactive and transformational session following his own experiences after competing in the Olympic Games. Culminating in leading expeditions in the Himalayas, Vince covers the critical qualities that match the traits of everyday local heroes – your franchisees:

  • Compassionate – They have a level of empathy that supersedes ego. Their community wins
  • Fearless – Find the way to less fear. Their managers win
  • Humble – There is a magnetism to humility. Their team wins
  • Selfless – When you focus on others, they will join your efforts. Their customers win
  • Persistent – Persistent leaders gather an army of believers. Their business wins

Vince uses keynote speaker ideas to craft his message specific to the franchisee owners, managers and leaders at your event. Vince gives practical tools with instant impact as he motivates and entertains everyone in the organization.

This rare opportunity to learn from a master communicator, at the top of his game of speaking and motivation. This powerhouse keynote will help you climb your own personal and professional mountains.

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