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Inspiring Influencers: 4 Habits of Dynamic Leaders


Evaluation is a constant task for anyone in a leadership position. The best leaders, however, not only evaluate others, they also evaluate themselves on a consistent basis. Great leaders follow specific directions in order to keep their employees, their business, and themselves on the “right path.” Here are 4 of the most popular dos and don’ts of great leaders:

Do expect and prepare for Change. Change is inevitable but it doesn’t have to be frightening. Travis Bradberry argues that if you understand that Change will happen, you will be emotionally equipped and mentally prepared to handle any challenge in a productive way. This fortitude will set a great example for the rest of your team.

Don’t waste time focusing on things that are out of your control. Mike Abershoff astutely points out that leaders are too often fraught with worry by all the things that are out of their control that they forget to actually regulate what they can. Effective leaders are those who can quickly identify what is not within their control and choose to focus on what can be managed. The ways in which you engage with your employees is certainly within every leader’s control so why not spend time actively listening and communicating with people rather than obsessing over what cannot be changed?

Do fail. Failure doesn’t have to be seen as a setback. It is always a learning experience. Peter Bregman explains that failure can also make us more relatable, more compassionate, and ultimately more human. These traits allow us to forge more powerful relationships with those around us.

Don’t stop growing. Consistently “check” yourself and your role as a leader. Mark Sandborn recommends regularly asking yourself questions such as “Why do I want to lead?” “What kind of leader to I want to be?” and “Who will I follow?” These questions are designed to make you think about your own role within the team and how you can strive to be better. Always hold yourself to a higher standard.