World-class teamwork, communication, collaboration, trust and shared learning are critical components of a high performing team. We never reach the top alone, and teamwork has a dramatic effect on our results and performance.

Additionally, successful teamwork requires that we realize we are all interconnected and dependent on our teammate’s judgements and performance. Teamwork begins to happen when you realize you can’t go it alone, that in order to achieve your goals, whether personal or professional, you’ll need the support of great teammates.

Whose Job Is it?

Well, that would be you. It is your job.

No matter what our roles are in life, we all engage in leadership and teamwork every day.

And though it may be tempting to think teamwork will magically happen on its own, know-how and why you do what you do.

And then be willing to grind it out. Align your words and actions.

Be bold, be fearless, be accountable, do the work. Be a good teammate.