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Top 10 Opening Speakers for July 2015


Selecting the right opening speaker for your event is crucial – they set the tone for entire engagement. A great opening speaker should inspire their audience to open a dialogue with one another. They should also energize, engage, and motivate attendees to get the most out of the event. Here are our Top Ten Opening Speakers* for July 2015:

Ty Bennett | Inspiring Speaker on Improving Your Communication Skills and the Power of Story

Ty’s keynotes teach attendees how to effectively engage others on an emotional level, leading to stronger connections, stronger commitment, and ultimately a stronger bottom-line. Audiences describe his presentations as inspiring, thought-provoking, and entertaining.

Walter Bond | Motivating Speaker on Becoming More Accountable, Former NBA Athlete

Teaching how personal and organizational accountability creates teamwork and engagement, Walter Bond’s unique presentation style motivates audiences to take responsibility for their own continued improvement. Walter’s keynotes are funny, insightful, and full of practical strategies for sustainable success.

Nicholas Boothman | Engaging Speaker on How to Connect with Clients and Colleagues

Nicholas Boothman’s entertaining and thoughtful presentations demonstrate that connecting with others is not an innate talent, but a teachable skill. His interactive keynotes and workshops will encourage attendees to open up and communicate with one another while developing skills that will improve sales and productivity.

Dr. Travis Bradberry | Author and Speaker on Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is one of the most accurate predictors of personal and professional success. Dr. Travis Bradberry is a world-renowned expert on EQ whose fascinating presentations teach audience members how to increase their EQ and achieve more. Attendees leave with a newfound sense of self, as well as practical strategies for future success.

Dan Clark | Motivating Speaker on Teamwork and Sales

Dan Clark’s presentation is the ultimate motivator. Combining inspiring stories with practical insights, Dan encourages attendees to push themselves to the next level.  Audiences leave Dan’s presentations hungry to learn and do more.

Chip Eichelberger | Motivational Speaker on Focus and Committing To Your Goals

Motivational Speaker Chip Eichelberger will energize your audience with his contagious enthusiasm. His interactive presentations allow audience members to break the ice and begin to collaborate. Attendees will leave his presentation feeling motivated, excited, and empowered to take on new and existing challenges.

Chester Elton | “The Apostle of Appreciation” and Best Selling Author

Dubbed “The Apostle of Appreciation” by The Globe and Mail, Chester Elton’s presentations explore the connection between effective recognition and employee engagement. His motivational keynotes are full of energy and enthusiasm, setting an exciting and positive foundation for any event.

Dr. Tasha Eurich | Organizational Phycologist and Speaker on Leadership

Dr. Tasha Eurich is a highly sought-after leadership expert who captivates her audiences with interactive discussions, engaging activities, and real-world applications. Dr. Eurich blends scientific theory with practical information, creating a new and exciting perspective on leadership.

Steve Gilliland | Famed Storyteller and Motivational Speaker

Steve Gilliland’s keynotes are funny, energizing, and compelling. His presentations motivate audiences to thrive both personally and professionally, creating a desire to get the most out of what life has to offer.

Ross Shafer | Motivational Speaker and Humorist

Enlightening and fun, Ross Shafer’s presentations will have audience members inspired to reach their maximum potential. He will inspire attendees to take the steps necessary in their own personal and professional development – and he’ll tell some jokes too!


*Speakers are listed in alphabetical order