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About Sam Wilkin - Leading Global Economist and Author:

Sam Wilkin is senior advisor to Oxford Economics, one of the world’s foremost global economic forecasting and research consultancies, and to Oxford Analytica, a geopolitical and strategic advisory firm. He is also a fellow at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affair, Brown University.

Backed by the resources of Oxford Economics, which provides forecasts on 200 countries and 100 industrial sectors worldwide, and Oxford Analytica, which provides geopolitical insights to a roster of clients including more than twenty-five world governments, Sam delivers not stump speeches but interactive discussions responding to the interests and concerns of the attendees of your event, packed with insight and lightened by doses of wry humor.

Sam’s research and writing covers some of the hottest topics impacted business. His new book on income inequality, Wealth Secrets of the 1%, published in August 2015, was that month an editor’s choice selection of the New York Times Book Review. Interviews, book excerpts and op-eds related to the book have appeared in Forbes, the Harvard Business Review, the Telegraph, Times of London, MarketWatch, CityAM,, BBC World Service, National Public Radio, and Money Magazine.

Sam is also the coauthor, with Marvin Zonis, Dan Lefkovitz, and Joseph Yackley of Risk Rules: How Local Politics Threatens the Global Economy (Agate, 2011), as well as two edited volumes on management of country and political risk in the financial sector. His writing has appeared everywhere from the Financial Times to Barron’s to Survival: Global Politics and Strategy, the journal of the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Sam previously served as head of business research at Oxford Economics, as associate director of the consultancy practice at Oxford Analytica, as head of political risk consulting for Aon Trade Credit and as director of country analysis for Marvin Zonis & Associates. He received his M.A. in international relations from the University of Chicago and B.A. in economics from Eckerd College, and was the 2004 alumni fellow for Eckerd College. 

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What Sam Wilkin Talks About:

The Global, US, or European Outlook
Sam is at his best delivering an interactive presentation and discussion that engages the attendees of your event. Sam prepares a set of slides, illustrated with lively charts and graphics, explaining and forecasting the hottest topics in economics and geopolitics, from the outlook for consumers, to the slowdown in China, to the standoff over Grexit. After a short overview of the general outlook, he then moves from topic to topic based on interests of your event’s attendees, taking questions after each segment. It’s an interactive approach he has used everywhere from corporate board meetings to events of 200 to 300 attendees.

Ten Things You Need to Know about Populism
We are living through a populist moment. The share of the vote won by populist parties in the world’s leading democracies recently averaged almost forty per cent – a level not reached since the eve of World War II. Sam will share the stories of some of the more extraordinary populist politicians in history, and talk about what you need to know to continue to thrive at a time when populists are shaking up politics in Europe and North America.

It's OK to Cry for Argentina
A great many countries were once poor and are now rich. But there is only one country in modern history that became rich and then poor again, and that is Argentina. Sam will talk about the lessons Argentina’s century of populism and decline, and the economic risks from populism today. Clip: Juan Peron’s populist magic. 

Huey Long, American Populist
In the 1920s, Huey Long gained very nearly dictatorial control of the state of Louisiana, declaring martial law in New Orleans, twice. He was also immensely popular, winning elections by overwhelming majorities. Sam will explain how, under certain conditions, populists have electoral superpowers, and how populists impact financial markets.

The Life of Foo Foo: A Populist Tail
In 1997, Thailand suffered a punishing financial crisis. A few years later, the country elected a populist billionaire, seemingly in the mold of US President Donald Trump. Roughly fifteen years later, Thailand’s democracy collapsed. But it was not the billionaire populist who did it. Sam will explain why ordinary people sometimes take dramatic political action, and why the dangers of populism are not always what they seem. Clip: The Thai Donald Trump? 

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I've heard Sam speak on a number of occasions. He is a real subject matter expert with great insight and always delivers his messages in an engaging and humorous way.

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