Dr. Rebecca Heiss


  • Rebecca talks about becoming self-aware to overcome instinctual limitations – the ancient, often subconscious fears -- that hold us back from our optimal performance and our happiest lives.
  • Audiences learn to find new ways of understanding their fears, their strengths, their shortcomings, and all of the ways that their brains keep sabotaging them from being the most effective leaders they can be.
  • Rebecca is the Founder and CEO of the leadership, continuous 360-review mobile application, icueity.
  • Past clients include: ADP, Charles Schwab, Consolidated Assurance, Global Credit Union, Lockheed Martin, Visa, and Vistage.

About Dr. Rebecca Heiss - Inspiring Keynote Speaker on Fearless Leadership & Accountability

Rebecca knows fear. As an evolutionary biologist and stress expert, Dr. Rebecca Heiss is dedicated to helping us become self-aware and overcome our instinctual limitations – the ancient, often subconscious fears that hold us back from our optimal performance and our happiest lives. Her research has been designated “transformative” by the National Science Foundation and it is waking up audiences around the world.

As an author of the newly acclaimed book Instinct, founder and CEO of the leadership 360- review mobile application, icueity, and highly sought-after professional speaker, Rebecca has found her calling in helping others recognize the power of biological applications in their lives. A former educator, Dr. Heiss spent much of her earlier career in the classroom at both the high school and college levels and was recruited to be a founding member of an innovative charter school with a focus on entrepreneurial thinking and impact-based learning.

Today she shares her T-minus 3 Technique to transform fear to fuel from stages around the world as a full-time speaker and facilitator of her Fearless Masterclass. She continues her research on how we can turn trauma into Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) rather than PTSD

Rebecca’s “fearless” message inspires hope and actionable insights to train our brains to work for us, rather than against us in times of uncertainty. With surprising humor and palpable energy, no matter if Dr. Heiss is delivering virtually or on stage, she wins over her audiences with interactive, inspiring, and timely takeaways.

Rebecca lives in South Carolina with her spoiled rotten dogs named Guinness & Murphy and every day tries to live her life motto: “spread happy.”

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What Dr. Rebecca Heiss talks about:

The All-in Effect: Leading teams to excel through change

The past years have brought increased stress, challenge, and unpredictable change to all industries, resulting in a confidence gap with leaders – afraid to step up, afraid to be vulnerable, afraid that they will flounder.

Imagine if you could instead lead from a space that allows you to go ALL-IN, transforming fear into fuel, and allowing you to enhance productivity by more than 25%, stay more focused, more creative, more motivated, and more engaged … all by fearing less. That’s the ALL-IN Effect.

Keynote audiences will leave with tools that enable them to:

  1. Utilize a 3-step science-backed strategy to recalibrate the stress response to work to your advantage immediately, rather than working against you.
  2. Discover a key method for harnessing an adventure mindset to become more resilient in high-pressure situations.
  3. Experience an inspired ability to link the challenge of change, to purpose and connection in order to increase engagement across your organization.


Fear(less) Mindset: Finding Adventure in Ambiguity

Our brains aren’t built for this rapidly changing world… But they are adaptable.

By consciously crafting a mindset that helps us lean into these challenges rather than treat them as threats, we’ll be able to avoid the burnout, frustration, and turnover that might otherwise plague us and our clients. And, perhaps most importantly, we can deepen the connections we had to the purpose and people that drew us into this industry we love to begin with.

Keynote audiences will leave with tools that enable them to:

  1. Re-categorize stress as a strength that can drive performance
  2. Utilize a 3-step scientific technique to shift stress mindsets from ordeal to adventure
  3. Enable positive communication, ideation, and creative collaborations to lead through ambiguity with a beginner’s mind

The Stress Solution: Transforming fear into rocket fuel to supercharge performance

Stress isn’t inherently bad. In fact, the highest-performing athletes and leaders have learned the secrets to the upside of stress, using it to fuel their performance rather than hinder it.

Rather than allowing our environments and our natural biological tendencies toward anxiety to hold us back, we can use the same energy to work with us, unlocking our highest potential and learning that when we fear(less), we make room for so much more.

Keynote audiences will leave with tools that enable them to:

  1. Understand the root of our stress response and recalibrate it to work with us in the modern world.
  2. Engage with our fears to reframe them as energy that can optimize performance.
  3. Adopt a simple plan for rewiring our brains to respond differently to threats as challenges, to reduce burnout and restore purpose and fulfillment to our work.

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"We invited back Dr. Rebecca Heiss back for a second year to our high performer event and once again, she delivered a high energy, customized talk that fit our theme and gave our team actionable takeaways that will continue to influence their lives long after the keynote ended."

CEO, Consolidated Assurance

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