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  • Lior talks about How organizations can create and execute a profitable customer strategy.
  • Audiences will explore the success (and some failures) of leading brands in their pursuit of profitable, lasting customer relationships.
  • Lior Arussy is hailed as one of the leading global authorities in the fields of Customer Experience, Employee Engagement, and Strategy Execution. He is a best selling author & regular contributor to Harvard Business Review, CNBC, Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal.
  • Past clients include: IBM, Accuity, Mercedes Benz, Cognizant, Cisco, KIA and Great Wolf Lodge.

About Lior Arussy - Founder of Strativity Group, Speaker and Author on the Customer-Service Experience:

Lior Arussy is hailed as one of the leading global authorities in the fields of Customer Experience, Employee Engagement, and Strategy Execution. He is a Corporate Culture expert, a ‘success accelerator’ - and a proven, passionate change agent. Called a “triple threat of transformation” by William Taylor, co-founder of Fast Company magazine - Lior has helped many of the world’s top brands achieve unprecedented goals in customer satisfaction, growth - and profitability. Among these are Mercedes-Benz, Johnson & Johnson, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Thomson Reuters, HSBC, E.ON, FedEx, SAP, and the University of Pennsylvania - to name a few.

His insights and methods have been successfully put into practice in over 200 corporate transformations worldwide, making Lior not only a forerunner in the field - but a proven practitioner. And that’s what truly sets him apart - where other speakers simply talk of change, Lior makes it happen time and time again. As inspiring as he is passionate, Lior’s unique and critical voice continues to drive people across the globe to achieve their ultimate success.

Lior spent the first part of his career in various executive positions at world-leading firms, such as Hewlett-Packard. It was at this stage that he recognized the old, traditional methods of change management were flawed - and simply didn’t work for most companies. Lior took it upon himself to create a different methodology - one which recognizes the key to truly driving a company’s change for success, is in putting its most important resource at the center of its transformational efforts: its employees. The idea being that, in order for customers to choose your product and get the most out of it, you not only have to have an exceptional product - but a great, dedicated, happy team that stands behind that product’s success.

Lior’s methodology enabled Mercedes-Benz to reach the much-coveted #1 position in customer satisfaction. Another client, a European logistics corporation - leapt from 3% annual organic growth to 44% annual organic growth in just two years!

In 2003, Lior founded the Strativity Group - a strategy firm specializing in customer experience consulting, employee engagement programs, journey mapping, and business growth. In addition, he has written seven books on business strategy, customer experience optimization, and achieving the ultimate success. Lior's latest book Next is Now: 5 Steps for Embracing Change - Building a Business that Thrives into the Future (May 2018, Simon & Schuster), and his self-published Exceptionalize it! (2015) - which has sold over 30,000 copies to date. He has also written over 300 articles for publications around the world, including the Harvard Business Review, and Chief Executive media - for which he is a regular contributing author. As well, a multitude of magazines and media outlets have cited his work including MSNBC, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, CRM Magazine, Smart CEO Magazine, Inc. magazine, Financial Times, The Times of London, and  ABC.

Lior currently resides in New Jersey with his wife and five children. He completed his undergraduate degree at Case Western Reserve University - and received his MBA from Weatherhead School of Management.

He is a self-professed chocoholic.

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What Lior Arussy Talks About:

The One and Only – The Gen AI-Empowered Customer
Over the past two decades, digital transformation has profoundly redefined customer expectations, roles, responsibilities, and, most significantly, the very concept of customer value. In the realm of business, value creation can be categorized into two fundamental approaches: one driven by inspiration, the other born of desperation. The former involves the creation of remarkable value, leading to the accrual of profit margins, while the latter is characterized by a mere following of established trends.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has catapulted customers to a new pinnacle of empowerment. Customers are now not only consumers but creators and the embodiment of brand identity. This transformative role has restructured the future engagement model, compelling organizations to revisit their value creation and delivery strategies within the context of redefining customer relationships.

In this presentation, we embark on a journey that covers four crucial dimensions:

  • The Evolution of Customer Value: We will trace the evolution of customer value from the agrarian era to the Gen AI era, highlighting the profound shifts that have occurred along the way.
  • The New Customer Personality – The One and Only: We delve into the concept of the “One and Only” customer, who, in the age of Gen AI, demands an entirely new level of co-created engagement.
  • Engaging with the One and Only Customer: We will explore innovative strategies for engaging with this empowered customer, reimagining customer interactions in a manner that resonates with their distinct individuality.
  • Inspiring and Creating Relevant Value: We’ll provide insights into methodologies for inspiring the One and Only customer and delivering value that is not just meaningful but also profitable.

This presentation aims to illuminate the profound impact of Gen AI on the customer mindset. Through real-life examples, we will illustrate the challenges and opportunities presented by this evolving landscape. The audience is encouraged to adapt their practices, embracing change to meet the demands of this new breed of customers, who expect nothing less than future-ready, profitable value in their brand experiences.

Customer Experience as an Engine for Growth or Do You Really Love Your Customers?
While most organizations pursues a customer strategy, few actually maximize the financial benefits. How to create and execute a profitable customer strategy is the focal point of this keynote. Based on real life experiences, we will explore the success (and some failures) of leading brands in their pursuit of profitable, lasting customer relationships.

Fusion of Digital and Human Experiences or What Would We All Do When Digital Takes Over?
What is the future of the customer experience? Would it all be digital? Are all employees going to be extinct? Formulating the right balance between human and digital experiences as a value for customers will be the main theme of this presentation. Leveraging past technology transformations with the most current Gen Z research – this presentation will pave a path for the future of customer-organization relationships.

Change Resilience – The New Core Competence or Why Do We Fear Change So Much (and Deny That We Do)?
Based on an HBR study, only 9% of strategic initiatives reach their successful implementation. The main reason – the human factor. For organizations to survive and thrive in the future – they need to develop a new core competence, change resilience. The scope and speed in which you will adapt to the next change, will be the determining factor of your future existence. What is change resilience – and how to turn it into a differentiator and success driver? The answer to these questions will be delivered during this inspiring presentation.

Culture as a Platform for Exceptional Performance or What Actions Does Your Culture Drive?
For many people culture is an enigma. We all talk about it – and few can fully understand and grasp it. Yet culture drives performance – and failing to lead it is failing to drive the organization to its full potential. Culture will either evolve by itself or be led. What is culture? What is the narrative that drives performance in your organization? And most importantly – how to develop and deploy a positive narrative that leads employees to exceptional performance? Exploring these topics will be at the center of this eye-opening keynote.

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Lior - the room was buzzing long after you left. The team got a lot out of the presentation and kept adding to the "learn and unlearn" lists. Oh boy!!!

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