Ross Shafer


  • Ross talks about how professional and personal success follows from one's commitment to being accountable--when we are the architect of our own life, we will have more time, money and happiness.
  • Audiences learn that they can no longer blame “government regulation,” “the economy” or “the competition” – or “changes in management" -- for their discontent. Focus on what you can control. Personal growth and opportunity always emerge from realizing that nobody cares more about your career and success than YOU do. Be accountable – and you won’t have to wait for anybody to elevate your position in work and life.
  • 6-time Emmy Award Winning TV host, comedian, and writer; Author of 9 Business Books & Entrepreneur
  • Past clients include: ACE Hardware, Aflac, Hilton Hotels, Hyundai, iPipeline

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About Ross Shafer - Best-selling Author and Hilarious Change & Customer-Experience Expert:

Ross Shafer has the most peculiar background of any speaker on CHANGE. He has authored nine business books - yet also won international stand-up comedy competitions. He’s earned six TV Emmy's as a network talk and game show host - yet credits his success to re-selling bicycles at age 13. He flipped cars at 15 - and flipped homes at 18. After college at 21, he started buying and selling companies. The common denominator - a burning pursuit of excellence that has driven Ross to the top of every field he’s entered.

Today, Ross is one of the most sought after keynote speakers and seminar leaders on the subjects of Customer Urgency and Empathy, Personal Motivation, Reinvention, and Market Relevance. He coaches leaders and teams on how to cross-pollinate innovative ideas about emerging trends, shifting buying habits - and the motivation of your workforce during mergers and acquisitions.

Ross grew up in the Pacific Northwest and graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington where he studied business management - and played varsity football (linebacker). After college, he took a job as a training manager for a department store (Yard Birds) - and was able to save $10,000. He launched his life as an entrepreneur - and became the owner/manager of America’s only Stereo and Pet Shop in the small town of Puyallup, Washington (population 5,000 at the time).

Since his early teens, Ross has been obsessed with understanding “Who succeeds? Who fails? And Why?” His confidence flourished when he discovered there were specific blueprints for success in every job - and every industry. That understanding led to his noteworthy achievements in business, television broadcasting, book writing, professional speaking (CPAE) - and even stand-up comedy. His wildly diverse career choices have allowed Ross to communicate complex ideas with great fun - and an “everyman” quality.

His clients include 73 of the Fortune 100… as well as a broad array of Associations. What most people don’t know is that Ross may have sparked the explosion of the entertainment cooking channels when he wrote a funny best-selling book, Cook Like a Stud (38 recipes men can prepare in the garage using their own tools). Not bad for a guy who played college football (pre-concussion-era helmets) - and who still aspires to get his hair right.

The father of Adam, Ryan and Lauren - Ross lives in Denver, Colorado.

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What Ross Shafer Talks About:

How will You Stay Relevant in 2022? How to Future-Proof Your Company & Yourself
In this fun and enlightening Keynote, you will learn how to future-proof your company while energizing your team members. Your attendees will leave with the tools to achieve a 2-year lead on their competition. Ross encourages your audience to accept that Relevance is a moving target. Ross unveils inspiring case studies that span the landscape of retail, manufacturing, B2B, construction, tech and healthcare.

POW vs. WOW – Cracking the Code on Customer Loyalty
The On-Demand Economy has caused customer expectations to change. “WOW-ing” the customer does NOT create loyalty anymore. It is reducing the “POW” moments that makes customers “sticky.” Customers want to buy from companies that don’t disappoint them…and from people who don’t make mistakes. In this highly entertaining and inspiring presentation, Ross will share the simple, yet powerful system he developed to help his clients quickly improve their customer experience scores. (EXAMPLE: one of his larger clients raised their JD Power scores 21 points in 90 days).

RATTLED! How to go from Shook…to Solid
The perfect Post-Covid Keynote or Breakout.

None of us can perform at our peak levels when we have been confronted by a catastrophic family event, a disruptive workplace dilemma, or a global pandemic. How do you bounce back to your highest levels of creativity and innovation during or after the crisis has abated? Based on their book of the same name, Ross Shafer and Allison Dalvit engage your audience by sharing their ‘blueprints for rallying’ in every imaginable circumstance. This program is interactive fun, emotional, and impactful.

ROSS SHAFER: The Ultimate Emcee & Keynote Speaker
Ross Shafer is frequently asked to be the interactive “glue” for your 2-3 Day Event. His style is to engage the audience to set the tone of your event, review what they’ve learned, and excite them for what’s coming next. He often likes to present “from the floor” so that he can thread the dialogue throughout your convention, for better retention.

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Ross was articulate, funny and engaging. He was the perfect fit for what Avid needed. He drove home some wonderful messages about change, personal development - and the ever-shifting business marketplace.

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