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  • Ross talks about how professional and personal success follows from one's commitment to being accountable--when we are the architect of our own life, we will have more time, money and happiness.
  • Audiences learn that they can no longer blame “government regulation,” “the economy” or “the competition” – or “changes in management" -- for their discontent. Focus on what you can control. Personal growth and opportunity always emerge from realizing that nobody cares more about your career and success than YOU do. Be accountable – and you won’t have to wait for anybody to elevate your position in work and life.
  • 6-time Emmy Award Winning TV host, comedian, and writer; Author of 9 Business Books & Entrepreneur
  • Past clients include: ACE Hardware, Aflac, Hilton Hotels, Hyundai, iPipeline

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About Ross Shafer - Best-selling Author and Hilarious Change & Customer-Experience Expert:

Six-Time Emmy Award-Winning Comedian, Network TV Host and Best-Selling Business Author of 10 Books on Reinvention and Resilience.

With more than 35 years of experience in show business and media, the six-time Emmy Award-winning comedian, writer, and former network TV host Ross Shafer is also a man who simultaneously began his business career at the age of 21. He subsequently rescued 23 different companies from bankruptcy and resold them.

Ross’s peculiar combination of experience led to his writing (10) popular business books (Nobody Moved Your CheeseThe Customer Shouts BackGrab More Market ShareCustomer EmpathyAre You Relevant? Absolutely Necessary, Behave Like a StartupSuccess: Its on You, No More Customer Friction, and his latest (2021) book on resilience, titled RATTLED).

Ross has spoken and consulted for 3,000+ clients including Apple, Microsoft, Chrysler, Adobe, MetLife, Hyundai, Hilton Worldwide, AT&T, Marriott, FedEx, and Toyota to name a few. His unique insights on raising customer scores became a game changer when he dismissed the notion of “WOW-ing the Customer.” Instead, he blamed low scores on the devastating impact of the POW moments (customer gut-punches by your failures). According to Ross’s research and client case studies, POWs can erase the WOW effect and cause customers to abandon a business forever. Ross believes, “The pandemic taught us we dont have to over-delight everyone. We just need to make fewer blunders. Don’t disappoint customers and your customer scores will soar. Ross Shafer offers entertaining and eye-opening perspectives for individuals and organizations to achieve resilience by paying attention to the evolving influences around them.

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What Ross Shafer Talks About:


In this wildly entertaining keynote that benefits from Ross’s experiences in Comedy, Television, and owning (23) businesses, you will learn how to future-proof your company while energizing your team members. Ross has written (10) books and studies (18) different industries so he is able to share current success stories re: hiring, retaining, motivating, customer expectations, innovation, creativity, market share growth, and sustaining business relationships. Since we all know that relevance is a moving target, Ross unveils inspiring case studies that span the landscape of retail, manufacturing, B2B, HVAC, construction, technology, and healthcare.



Forget about WOW-ing the customer. Research shows that customer loyalty scores go up by eliminating the POW MOMENTS from every transaction. (POWS are the gut punches the customer experiences when we fail or disappoint them). All the work we invested to create WOWs can be discarded by a single POW. Think of this in terms of a love relationship: You get flowers, love notes, and constant attention by your partner…yet every effort to establish goodwill can be decimated by one incident of cheating. In this highly entertaining and inspiring presentation, Ross will share the simple blueprint he developed to help his clients dramatically escalate their customer experience scores.


Possible Add-On Breakout Sessions:


When Life or Work derails your world, how can you sustain your confidence and resilience? As a Stand Up Comedian, TV Talk and Game Show host, Ross Shafer has experienced extraordinary fame, fortune, and celebrity attention. What you probably don’t know is when Ross was suffering from extreme relationship failures and financial collapse. It was the falling down part (and learning how to bounce back) that drove him to develop the confidence and resilience to succeed beyond his previous heights. In this funny, poignant, and inspiring session, Ross will take you through the funny peaks (and lonely valleys) of his various career choices. Ross will give your attendees the tools to recover from their darkest days – and get back on track to reach greater personal and professional achievements. 

INSIDER STORIES FROM HOLLYWOOD & BEYOND (With business related takeaways):

Hollywood is famous for being a hot bed of crazy and unpredictable antics. The same is true for performing Stand-Up Comedy around the world. From his years as a Talk and Game Show Host – and a Stand-Up Comic who has graced thousands of stages from Las Vegas to Atlantic City to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Ross has an endless catalog of fascinating stories and revealing anecdotes that will drop the jaws of your audience. Each one of his tales have a moral, a lesson, and a celebrity faux pas. Ross can stand alone and deliver…or…he will set up your favorite EMCEE with the perfect lead-in questions for Ross to be your funniest talk show interview guest.  


No other keynote speaker has the unique “celebrity” background of Stand-up Comedy, TV Hosting, and Business entrepreneurship as Ross Shafer. When he attends receptions before (or after) a Keynote, Ross is swarmed for selfies, autographs, and conversation.

“Ross stayed for an additional two hours to satisfy the scores of our agents who wanted to take selfies and chat with Ross.” August 2022 – San Diego, CA Home Services of America, CEO Gino Blefari



As a network talk & game show host, Ross Shafer is frequently asked to be the interactive “traffic cop” for a multi-day convention. He has interviewed world leaders and celebrities and is extremely comfortable hosting an executive roundtable or expert panel. His style is to engage the audience to set the tone of your event, review what they’ve learned, and get everyone excited for what’s coming next. He often likes to present “from the floor” so that he can thread the dialogue throughout your conference for better retention.

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"Ross Shafer’s brilliant combination of humor and highly humanistic messaging got a thunderous and sustained standing ovation from our nearly one thousand top performers. After talking about the importance of showing respect to others and creating relationships, Ross stayed for an additional two hours to satisfy the scores of our agents who wanted to take selfies and chat with Ross."

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