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About Tripp Crosby - Comedic Host, Inspirational Speaker & Filmmaker

Tripp Crosby is a comedic host, inspirational speaker, and filmmaker who is at this very moment writing about himself in the third person.

It’s very, very possible that you’ve seen his most popular comedy sketch called “A Conference Call in Real Life”. This video is one of, if not the most popular workplace related comedy sketches of all time and possibly the only YouTube video to ever go viral twice: Once when Tripp first created it in 2013 and again in 2020 when the painful experience of participating in conference calls became an even more relatable topic.

While doing his very, very best to entertain the general public with hilarious video content Tripp has also been doing his very, very best to lead and grow his Atlanta based company Very, Very Video (formerly Green Tricycle Studios). Very Very Video is a mom and pop video agency that helps not so mom and pop companies like Zoom, Snowflake,, Coke, Ford, and a bunch of others you’ve never heard of increase their brand awareness and lead generation via sharable, relatable, oftentimes hilarious video ads and social content.

Connecting people to important ideas using humor and authenticity is what Tripp does best. This is why he loves the struggle of discovering new, fresh ways for brands to engage their target audiences. It’s also why every year Tripp loves speaking to and hosting events for hundreds of thousands of professionals. Through telling his own story, teaching basic improv techniques, and sharing key principles for effective brainstorming and collaboration, Tripp continues to help teams and individuals from all industries realize their own creative potential.

Aside from creating video content, performing, and consulting teams Tripp’s real passion is connecting with his family and friends. He and his wife and three children live in Alpharetta, GA where they can be found at the best restaurants, on the baseball field, or most likely at home just hanging out. Tripp is very social, loves deep conversation, and is happy just being with people who love life.

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What Tripp Crosby talks about:

Seriously: Stop worrying about your logo.
A message for soloprenuers, entrepreneurs, startups, and non profits with big dreams.

Finding your passion is one of life’s greatest gifts. As entrepreneurs, artists, or ambitious employees, you likely have big dreams to scale your business, create your masterpiece, secure your financial future, or change the world. But one surefire way to ruin your potential success is to make the simple mistake of taking yourself or your dreams too seriously. When you take yourself too seriously, you avoid risk, you miss out on grand opportunities, and you can end up burnt out or even worse: stuck doing the wrong job with the wrong people for the wrong reasons. In this presentation Tripp takes you on his very unique, hilarious, and inspiring journey from finding early success in Hollywood and almost ruining his entire future to eventually finding even greater success than he ever imagined by making peace with his past and paying attention to his present.

Do More Better Together – You know, “innovate”
A message for any group looking to improve their ability to innovate and collaborate

Today’s workforce is feeling pressure to innovate more than ever before, and that is a great thing. But not enough people have the confidence or skillset required to think creatively, much less present new ideas. And very few teams operate in an environment that actually encourages new ideas. Fortunately, there are a few small practices that, if implemented, can have big results on how well companies, teams, and individuals develop more, better ideas together. In this hilarious and interactive presentation Tripp will teach 3 basic practices to help anyone in any position learn how to discover new ideas, better collaborate with others, and ultimately find more meaning in their endeavors.


Connect with Your Audience – and maximize your impact
A message for any group of professionals who present and/or market ideas or products

Whether you are giving a presentation in a small boardroom, or launching a multi-million dollar marketing campaign, the goal is the same. You want your audience to pay attention, and this can seem like a daunting task. But you don’t have to be well-spoken or a creative genius to impact your audience. You just learn and practice the art of connection. Tripp has spent decades presenting ideas, directing massive marketing campaigns, building an online audience, and hosting events for some of the world’s largest brands. In this hilarious and interactive presentation he will share his most powerful tips for making an audience feel understood, curious, and motivated.

How to Go Viral – You can’t.
A message for marketers, advertisers, and content creators

Tripp gets calls at least once per month from companies all over the world wanting a “viral video” which he now realizes is code for “please make me a clever video that gets lots and lots of free distribution” which is also code for “gimmee some cheap leads!” The thing is, Tripp has created multiple videos that went very, very viral, so he knows exactly what goes engaging the masses and how difficult it is to get the right results from the right audience. Today, Tripp’s Company Very, Very Video helps huge brands (like Zoom and Workday) as well as many unknown, but fast growing startups (like Front and Richpanel) generate hot leads through very, very engaging video ads and social content. In this presentation, Tripp will share exactly how he and his team create content that has maximum audience impact.

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    "Tripp is the best event emcee I've ever seen."

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