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About Tim Sanders - Communication and Leadership Speaker:

Internet pioneer and best-selling author, Tim Sanders advises Fortune 500 executives on leadership, marketing and new media strategies to grow their business. He was an early stage member of Mark Cuban's In 1999, was acquired by Yahoo, taking Tim with it, where he rose to the position of Chief Solutions Officer and named its Leadership Coach. Since leaving Yahoo, Tim has consulted with dozens of companies involved in business to business, government and consumer industries.

His background is economics, psychology and debate, giving him a rare blend of stories and science to move audiences to action. Time Magazine called him a Public Consultant because of his extensive pre-keynote research and highly customized advice points for groups. For over a dozen conferences and meetings, he's the top rated speaker in its history.

Tim is the author of four books, including the New York Times best seller Love Is The Killer App: How to Win Business & Influence Friends. His second book, The Likeability Factor was featured in major media from USA Today to The New York Times. His latest book, Today We Are Rich: Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence is an Inc. Magazine business bestseller.

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What Tim Sanders Talks About:

Through all of Tim Sander' talks, there is a thread: People are the center of your organization. They are emotional, reciprocal and influenced by the leaders they follow. They are the keys to your company's success or failure. They are highly emotional creatures, which presents leaders ongoing challenges. When they feel connected to you or your organization, they give more of themselves - especially to Customers.

This bestselling business author and people and leadership expert uses keynotes as a platform to motivate and empower audiences to achieve more by honing effective leadership skills, building strong business relationships, and putting the value back in their people.

It is hard to refer to what Tim does as speaking. He is so unique that rather than call him a speaker, Time Magazine referred to him as a public consultant - someone who uses keynotes as a means to elicit changed behavior in his audiences. Through extensive research, Sanders tailors each talk to fit your theme and objectives while providing content on:

  • Create business relationships that propel your company forward;
  • Create change that positions you ahead of your competition; and
  • Win the war for talent via leadership skills that create a winning culture.

Tim is a rare hybrid of business expert, motivational speaker and people expert. His research, passion, and ability to move audiences to action set him apart as an expert on the people side of business.

Sales Genius Is a Team Sport
There is no challenge you cannot overcome with teamwork! From complex sales with multiple decision makers to accounts at risk to price-dropping competitors…One Company thinking leads to victory.  

2014 research confirms that companies who develop a sales culture of conscious collaboration across departments sell 20% more than their competitors.  Why? When you involve everyone with a stake in the outcome early in the sales process, you unleash innovation and execution.  It’s time for the Lone Wolf salesperson to blossom into the team-builder. 

After twenty plus years of deal making and consulting, Sanders has created a winning play for solving sales challenges that’s produced over a billion dollars of revenue.  His talk would combine compelling stories of team genius with actionable advice on how to replicate their success.  Audiences will get better at problem solving and become faster at closing complex sales.

Key learnings from this keynote: 

  • How to spot collaboration opportunities in your pipeline and then build a team around them. 
  • How to get anyone at your company excited about helping you solve a sales challenge.  
  • Why thinking like an Artist, Chef or a Hacker leads to account breakthroughs.
  • How to develop an Inside Champion, Deal Mentor or Mobilizer to finish the complex sale. 

Based on Tim’s fifth book: Dealstorming: The Secret Weapon That Can Solve Your Toughest Sales Challenges

Creating the Sale: How to Unleash Your Creative Sales Genius
Regardless of what your job title reads, selling is a part of your success formula. From sales professionals to senior leadership, selling the vision is a process that requires creativity. Everything from acquiring resources to forming partnerships requires a selling skill these days. As time goes on, it gets more complicated too, as multiple decision makers and technology development changes the playing field. For these challenges, Sanders has a prescription: Leverage your creative genius!

For the sales professional, in today’s increasingly complex business environment, a completed sale and a satisfied client are often the result of dozens of problems solved. In many cases, the “system” doesn't anticipate the roadblocks, leaving it up to sales professionals to “create the sale.” Tim believes that creativity shouldn't be confined to advertising agencies, product developers and media producers. It belongs in sales as much as anywhere else!

In his career, Tim has sold over a half billion dollars of services by applying imagination, story telling, visual impact and novel approaches to solving problems. A New York Times bestselling author and former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo!, he’s learned the secret to maintaining one’s creative sales genius. In this talk, Tim will outline why creativity is the key to achieve Access, Advocacy and Agreement with clients. He’ll also provide relevant case studies on how out-of-the-box thinking has helped generate sales and acquire scarce resources. 

Take away advice from his next book (Creating the Sale, 2015) includes:

  • Expand Your Creativity (Capacity, Tendency, Intelligence, Courage).
  • Employ Creativity To Solve Problems (Access, Persuasion, Engagement).
  • Encourage Others To Join You In A Creative Journey.

The Social Opportunity: 3 Ways to Leverage New Media for Your Business
Long time new media expert and former Yahoo CSO Tim Sanders has participated in the rise of social media, from its early days of instant messenger updates and bulletin boards to the rise of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. In his keynote, he will unravel the mystery surrounding how to leverage it to generate business, cut costs and recruit talent into your organization. His talk is not a review of of-the-moment platforms or tools, but instead, he offers a blueprint for leveraging any new media innovation, whether it's a new social networking service or mobile app.

Based on numerous case studies relevant to your industry or situation, his talk will provide actionable takeaways such as:

  • How to tune into the conversation about your company, your market and your competitors with low cost tools.
  • How to connect with customers and potential employees over social media by interacting with and sharing their content. (And why that's the new warm call.)
  • How to contribute to the marketplace conversation and create top of mind positioning for your organization.
  • How to streamline or delegate social media activities to ensure a rock solid return-on-investment of your time.
  • How to prioritize which social media platform you should invest time with to achieve the greatest impact.

Relationship Power! How To Win Business & Influence People
Building business relationships is not a matter of playing golf, the gift of gab or being a rubber stamp on others' ideas. There is an art and a science to being a relationship master at work. Studies show that it can boost your sales by 40%, drive your talent's productivity by 25% and cut regrettable turnover in half.

In this program Tim reveals winning ways to create and maintain real connections inside & outside your company. This program is based on his global best seller, Love Is the Killer App: How To Win Business & Influence Friends.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • How relationships are bonded or broken in business, based on the Norm Of Reciprocity research.
  • How to be an effective mentor by following the knowledge gap lifecycle.
  • How to repair a damaged relationship or a mismanaged expectation.
  • Five email etiquette rules that will protect relationships and prevent burn out in your troops. Based on the largest study to date on email habits at work.
  • A weekly plan to leverage networking to drive business results. Follow it and you'll double your network strength in less than one year.

The Business Power Of Confident Thinking
Sure, we have business confidence at the top of a market or if we are leading the change. But what's our plan to seize the moment when the playing field changes or recedes? Our competition is hit just as hard as we are, and now it's a race to see who gets their Mojo back first. History proves that business confidence is rocket fuel for a company. It cracks the code, closes the deal and moves people to action.

It's not enough to think positive though - sustainable confidence comes from lifestyle and leadership design. This program is based on Sanders' experience through three recessions, the dot-com boom and the quality movement.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • A Fail-Study on Tim's days at Yahoo including: Why they lost their Mojo, got passed by Google and what every company can learn from the experience.
  • How to create a mind-diet that gives you unbreakable confidence, starting with your morning routine. Based on modern brain science research in business.
  • Case study on how executives can confront the "Chicken Littles" at work and shift the conversation from crisis to solution. Build a culture of courage by leading the conversation.
  • How to face the worst case scenario to unleash innovation and calm in your group.
  • A winning technique for injecting new-hire gratitude into yourself and your most jaded talent.

Emotional Talent: The Final Leadership Frontier
Many leaders rise to their position through their technical skills from operations to finance to product. But they will never make the leap from good to great until they develop what Tim Sanders calls Emotional Talent. This is the ability to manage their internal emotions, sense those in their people and connect with them at that level.

This program, which was the basis for a PBS Special, offers ways any leader can cultivate this talent, and spot it in others. It's based on 500,000 pages of original research.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Why the mood state can have a 1000% impact on a company's innovation effectiveness. Based on case studies inside companies like Motorola & Google, Sanders explains why most business is really chemical warfare.
  • Why your company's emotional value proposition is key to attracting and retaining top talent. How to integrate employee experience design into leadership.
  • Surprising research, revealing authenticity as a key emotional-talent attribute. How to "Keep It Real" in a world of false promises, distracted bosses and truth-stretchers.
  • How to decode people's emotions with 90% accuracy. Reading people is a technique that IBM Data sales execs, CIA agents and champion poker players learn and hone. Sanders will reveal the 7 Faces of Emotion, which can make you the smartest leader in the room.
  • Master the Art of Deep Listening with your talent and your customers. How to borrow from the best interviewers in the world to uncover strategic insights in the field or around the office. How to develop a more empathetic culture, leading to a customer-centric approach to selling and delivering.

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A powerful demonstration of collective abundance. Your message was so very, very inspiring - you were the buzz of the conference and I want to thank you from the deepest part of my heart. You're the best!

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