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About Steve Rizzo - Best-Selling Author, and Motivational Speaker

Steve Rizzo is the Attitude Adjuster. You can’t attend one of his keynote speeches and leave with the same attitude.  He’s a personal development expert, comedian, motivational speaker, and best selling author. It’s no surprise that he’s been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed upon fewer than 200 speakers worldwide since 1977.

Don’t let the laughter fool you!

What Steve brings to the table is his ability to engage the attendees with laughter as he challenges them to shift their way of thinking to discover greater enthusiasm, increased productivity and new levels of success. 

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What Steve Rizzo Talks About:

MOTIVATE THIS - How to Start Each Day with an Unstoppable Attitude to Succeed Regardless of Your Circumstances!
The word THIS in the title refers to you. How motivated are you on any given day? One of the biggest challenges we face today both professionally and personally is staying motivated and enthusiastic for more than just a few days. This one-of-a-kind presentation introduces Common Sense Success Strategies that will take you to a better place in business and in life. We go through the course of our lives and allow circumstances, events, situations and people to suck the energy right out of us. With the right strategies, we can bounce back, take control and forge ahead. MOTIVATE THIS is filled with Steve Rizzo’s distinctive brand of humor, insightful stories and mind-altering strategies that will elevate your overall degree of motivation, regardless of your circumstances. It’s an indispensable tool for maximizing your success and happiness.

You will learn:

  • The key to starting your day with an unstoppable attitude
  • The significance of the phrase “You Become What You Think About”
  • The spark that ignites passion and enthusiasm
  • The fuel that drives motivation
  • The importance of developing a set of “feel good” habits

Don't Just Accept Change, Embrace It!
Many people have a difficult time with it, but in its inevitable process are the seeds of great growth. You just have to stop resisting long enough to plant them. Steve will show your group how to embrace one of the biggest challenges in both the workplace and in our personal lives…CHANGE. Discover the essential steps to surmounting change and achieving the success that lies on the other side.

You will learn to embrace change by:

  • Being optimistic and eliminating negative self-talk
  • Enjoying yourself during the process of change
  • Overcoming the stress and fear associated with change
  • Using your “Humor Being” as a strategy to grow with change
  • Shifting your attitude to get the results you want

Leadership Secrets

True leaders inspire, motivate and lead the charge to success boldly, regardless of their circumstances. In this lively, engaging program, Steve shares inspiring stories of extraordinary people and the intangible secrets that define them as true leaders. This program is based on Steve’s exclusive interviews with C-level executives, industry leaders and everyday achievers. Laugh along with Steve while you learn how to lead so others will follow you anywhere.

You will learn the secrets of:

  • Extraordinary leaders that inspire, intrigue and exhilarate
  • How to start each day with an unstoppable attitude to succeed
  • Winning ways of thinking that change obstacles into opportunities
  • Seeing the brighter alternative to a potentially negative situation
  • What true leaders know that 99% of ordinary people don’t

GET YOUR SHIFT TOGETHER - How to Think, Laugh & Enjoy Your Way to Success in Business & in Life
This entertaining and content-rich program reveals the secrets of how to SHIFT your focus and way of thinking to create permanent change and a lasting positive attitude. Only the optimistic persevere, and Steve delivers the strategies necessary for tapping into the positive reserves that enable us not only to achieve our goals, but to enjoy the journey of life, both personally and professionally. Learn why Steve is affectionately known as the “Attitude Adjuster.”

In GET YOUR SHIFT TOGETHER, Steve will show your group how to:

  • SHIFT their way of thinking to get the results they want
  • Maintain emotional stability and eliminate stress
  • Enjoy themselves during the process of achieving their goals
  • Create lifelong habits for success and happiness in business and in life

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Steve provided just the message we hoped for. Your delivery provided a very strong message in an entertaining, thought-provoking and stimulating manner. Thank you for making our seminar a smashing success!

Michael Holmes, Auto Operations Manager, State Farm

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