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About Alex Weber - American Ninja Warrior, Inspirational Speaker on Leadership & Peak Performance:

Alex Weber is a sought after motivational speaker on leadership and peak performance. He is an award-winning performer, an American Ninja Warrior, a World Record Holder, a TEDx Speaker, World Championship Athlete, and one of the youngest coaches ever to be awarded US Lacrosse Coach of the Year.

Alex has appeared on NBC, The Discovery Channel, FX, and more. As a Professional Entertainer, he has been critically acclaimed for his contagious energy, humor, and positive impact. Alex is a master at engaging audiences with stories of competing on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior -- billed as one of the most difficult competitions on earth. He embraces challenges head on, and has competed in the World Championships of Lacrosse where he finished as a Top Scorer in the World.

Alex is a 5-time TEDx Speaker and has lectured at Stanford Graduate School of Business where he was praised as “tremendous, memorable, and special.”

More than anything, Alex passionately believes that every goal is capable of being accomplished if we know how to lead the way forward - for ourselves and our organizations.

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What Alex Weber Talks About:

How are you leading yourself? The road to success begins by leading yourself first, and in this engaging, honest, and inspiring keynote – Alex uses storytelling, active exercises, and humour to go in depth on how you can break past your limits and achieve at your highest level. Combining insightful lessons with vulnerably hilarious stories, Alex shares the fulfilling heights, the dangerous pitfalls – and the pivotal moments that power you to realize your potential. Attendees will walk away with an invigorated drive for your goals, confidence to achieve results – and a passionate commitment to lead your best self forward.

Competing on NBC’s Emmy-nominated American Ninja Warrior, the World Championships of Lacrosse, and setting a first-ever World Record – Alex knows what it means to face fears, embrace challenges, and overcome failures with passion, commitment, focus, and perseverance. More so, Alex knows how you can use failures to propel forward and hit your goals. In this powerful, passionate, and hilarious keynote, Alex shares his blueprint method, tangible tools, and actionable strategies for facing your fears, overcoming your challenges – and embracing failing forward to achieve your success.

As a World Championship Athlete and one of the youngest coaches ever to be awarded U.S. Lacrosse Coach of the Year – Alex knows what it takes to inspire the best of a group, unite around a vision, and execute peak performance to achieve results. There are leaders who check boxes, and then there are leaders who truly ignite the potential of their teams to surpass expectations. The leader that cultivates talent – creates positive culture, and fuels teams that succeed together. This uplifting, energetic, and entertaining keynote is perfect if you’re looking to inspire peak performance – and surpass expectations for yourself, and your organization.

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Bursting with humour and positivity, Alex’s ability to energize and impact audiences makes him a speaker you'll want.

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