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About Alex Weber - American Ninja Warrior, Inspirational Speaker on Leadership & Peak Performance:

Alex Weber is a sought after motivational speaker on leadership and peak performance. He is an award-winning performer, an American Ninja Warrior, a World Record Holder, a TEDx Speaker, World Championship Athlete, and one of the youngest coaches ever to be awarded US Lacrosse Coach of the Year.

Alex has appeared on NBC, The Discovery Channel, FX, and more. As a Professional Entertainer, he has been critically acclaimed for his contagious energy, humor, and positive impact. Alex is a master at engaging audiences with stories of competing on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior -- billed as one of the most difficult competitions on earth. He embraces challenges head on, and has competed in the World Championships of Lacrosse where he finished as a Top Scorer in the World.

Alex is a 5-time TEDx Speaker and has lectured at Stanford Graduate School of Business where he was praised as “tremendous, memorable, and special.”

More than anything, Alex passionately believes that every goal is capable of being accomplished if we know how to lead the way forward - for ourselves and our organizations.

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What Alex Weber Talks About:

The Positive Energy Edge: The Key to Record-Breaking Achievement in Any Season
How do you tap into the ultimate creativity, confidence, and resourcefulness when it matters most, and the stakes are high? You need a reliable way to avoid living and working in Unproductive Energy, where stress is high, solutions seem limited, mistakes are repeated, and perceived challenges only grow stronger. Instead, you need to activate The Positive Energy Edge.

The Positive Energy Edge is a timeless strategy that allows you to be, achieve, and lead at your very best. It also allows you to thrive when facing the “Big Four” most critical situations that routinely sabotage success in any field and in any season. When you know how to give yourself what you need to maintain your Edge, you can inspire it in those around you, to reach record-breaking levels of achievement without fear.

You’ll learn and experience:

  • “The Big Four” – high-stakes situations top performers and leaders must be ready for and how knowing them will help you work smarter
  • The Positive Energy Edge – how using it will set you apart and the 6 ways to reliably access it
  • How to use challenges as a tool to help you become unstoppable, increasing self belief, confidence, excitement and purpose
  • Stories to inspire and anchor transformational lessons, with practical strategies you can use again and again
  • Simple ways to apply the Positive Energy Edge to help others when they need you most

FAIL PROOF: Become the Unstoppable You
What would you do if you couldn’t fail? Everyone experiences “failing” but not everyone has the knowledge, awareness, and abilities to harness its forward progress, so they lose valuable time, energy, resources, and even give up on their goals. Not on Alex Weber’s watch! Alex cultivated his system through one of the most intense stages in the world as both an award winning host & elite competitor for NBC’s Emmy-nominated American Ninja Warrior. Based off Alex’s debut book, Alex gives you his 6 Step Fail Proof System to become The Unstoppable You. Flat out— when most people stop, you will keep going, growing, and getting better to make your goals happen. This is how you win in your work, your relationships, and in your life.

Audiences will learn:

  • A keen ability to set goals that actually matter and move the needle
  • Real How-To for bringing goals from “idea-land” into reality
  • Creating consistent confidence in yourself
  • An actionable blueprint for the most critical steps
  • Managing Emotions, and increasing Mental Well-Being
  • A deeper enjoyment and fulfillment in your work, your relationships, and your life!

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Alex was incredibly inspiring, touching, and impactful. Our teams have already embraced his message and are achieving results!

Mary Fedewa, Chief Operating Officer, STORE Capital

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