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About Jasmin Bergeron - Professor of Marketing at the University of Quebec:

Jasmin Bergeron is the professor of Marketing at the University of Quebec in Montreal. He started his career as a financial advisor, and has presented in over 1000 conferences, seminars and courses in more than twelve countries. Jasmin Bergeron obtained his Ph.D. in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing from Concordia University and completed his Master in Business Administration (MBA), majoring in Marketing, at the University of Quebec in Montreal. Both his MBA and Ph.D. theses were conducted in the financial industry.

He authored or co-authored five books, twenty-five scientific researches, twenty case studies, and more than 100 newspaper articles on bank marketing, sales motivation, relationship marketing, and professional selling techniques. Some of his books include Win-win Selling in the Financial Industry, Selling and Counseling in the Insurance Industry, and Prospecting Strategies for Financial Advisers.

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What Jasmin Bergeron Talks About:

The WOW Effect in Customer Service
Service quality is the one factor that can truly set your organization apart from the others. In a world in which most products look alike and prices are relatively similar, the human factor makes the difference. Forging high-value relationships a difficult, because everyone is unique. The WOW Effect in Service Quality Conference was built with this principle in mind. The presentation is designed to perfect your interpersonal skills and improve the satisfaction of those around you!

This conference—based on practice and interaction—provides guidelines, tips and testimonials interlaced with humour and aimed at producing a remarkable service quality experience. It was designed in conjunction with multiple organizations that stand out for their excellent service. Content and tips will be tailored to your needs and expectations, ensuring a highly rewarding experience. This conference features practical, useful and innovative tools for improving the service you deliver!

The WOW Effect on Sales and Business Development
One of the great challenges for sales advisors is establishing, fortifying and maintaining long-term relationships with clients, once the client’s, organization’s or advisor’s objectives have been met. This is a big hurdle! Moreover, all clients and advisors are different, making it difficult to forge high-value relationships. Success requires certain interpersonal skills and qualities, in communications as well as salesmanship. The WOW Effect in Sales and Business Development! Conference was built with this perspective in mind.

This presentation is based on practice and interaction, laced with humour. It was designed in conjunction with several outstanding sales advisors who have set themselves apart through their success with customers. Jasmin presents principles, examples, testimonials and exercises that you’ll be able to put into practice quickly, to make your learning experience as rich as possible!

The WOW Effect in Win-Win Negotiations
Constant competition means customers expect more and pay less. Customers who negotiate were the exception a few years ago, but they will be a majority in the near future. The most successful advisors negotiate in a win-win perspective. They know how to highlight and sell their ideas, while respecting their clients. The Win-Win Negotiation Conference was built with these ideas in mind.

This presentation, based on practice and interaction, is laced with humour. It was designed in conjunction with several top negotiators and sets out best practices in the field. Jasmin will offer examples, testimonials and exercises that you can quickly deploy, for a highly rewarding session.

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