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About Jasmin Bergeron - Professor of Marketing at the University of Quebec:

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Jasmin Bergeron, Ph.D. is a veteran of 2000 keynote presentations and workshops in 12 countries around the world! Jasmin received the “Certified Speaking Professional” designation, which is the highest international designation that can be earned in the professional speaker industry worldwide. Jasmin is also a full professor at the Business School of the University of Quebec in Montreal. He also authored or co-authored of five books, 40 scientific research papers and over 100 newspaper articles in journals such as The Wall Street Journal.

Jasmin’s main objective is to deliver practical tips and tools that can be implemented immediately. Delivering well-researched and relevant insights, Jasmin Bergeron is known for his interactive, humorous and value-oriented approach. Jasmin is a fully bilingual speaker who has a unique ability to simplify seemingly complex challenges in a way that will provide your audience with a fresh and useful perspective. Attendees particularly value the memory aid he hands out at the end. You will leave Jasmin’s keynote refreshed, energized and more confident than ever that you are prepared for the road ahead.


A propos de Dr. Jasmin Bergeron - professeur titulaire à l'École des Sciences de la Gestion de l’Université du Québec à Montréal

Jasmin Bergeron a donné plus de 2000 conférences au Québec, au Canada, en France… et aussi dans 12 pays à travers le monde ! De nombreuses entreprises, organisations et équipes ont pu obtenir des résultats significatifs rapidement !

Le 24 juillet 2016, à Phoenix, en Arizona, Jasmin Bergeron a reçu son titre de CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), qui se veut la plus haute désignation internationale qui puisse être méritée dans l’industrie des conférenciers professionnels à l’échelle mondiale.

Jasmin est un conférencier reconnu pour son approche pratique. On se souvient longtemps de ses trucs, de ses outils et de ses conseils!

Après une conférence, les participants peuvent rapidement mettre en application ce qu’ils ont appris et surtout, ils sont motivés et prêts à relever de nouveaux défis! Jasmin offre aussi un aide-mémoire qui constitue un outil fort apprécié des participants.

Jasmin peut donner des conférences en français, en anglais et… dans les deux langues dans la même conférence. Si vous avez un auditoire bilingue, vous lui dites quel pourcentage des deux langues vous souhaitez et Jasmin s’occupe du reste.

Jasmin est doué pour créer un lien rapidement avec son auditoire. L’interaction entre les participants et l’humour qu’il utilise assurent le succès des événements auxquels il participe. Avec Jasmin, le plaisir et le divertissement sont au rendez-vous et les rires sont garantis !

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What Jasmin Bergeron Talks About:

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The WOW Effect!

Creating a WOW effect around you is a way to stand out and improve the overall satisfaction of people you meet!

A WOW moment is an experience of wonder and delight that everyone enjoys! The WOW effect is memorable and impactful! We remember the people and businesses that make us live a WOW moment because they are fascinating and distinct. What do they have in common? How do they distinguish themselves and engage us? The keynote “The WOW Effect!” was built with this idea in mind. It contains the most effective strategies to WOW people important to you!

This keynote presentation is based on practice, interaction and humor. It was designed in cooperation with several people who have distinguished themselves in their personal and professional lives by their ability to often make people go WOW! During the presentation, examples, testimonials, research results and principles that you can apply quickly will be shared in order to make your experience as valuable, useful and energizing as possible!

The WOW Effect in Sales and Business Development

Creating a WOW effect in selling will increase the value of your offer for your client, while solidifying a long-term win-win relationship!

The challenge is significant because all clients and sales professionals are different, which makes forging high-quality relationships essential. Success requires many interpersonal skills and qualities, in communications as well as salesmanship. It is in this perspective that the keynote “The WOW Effect in Sales and Business Development” was developed.

This keynote is based on practice, interaction and humor and was designed in cooperation with several high-performance sales advisors who stand out as much for their sales as for their long-term relationships with their clients. During the presentation, many principles, examples, testimonies and strategies that you can quickly apply will be suggested in order to make your experience as enriching as possible!

The WOW Effect in Customer Service

The quality of service is the element that can most distinguish your organization!

In a world where all products and services are alike and where all prices are relatively similar, the human factor is the one making the most important difference. Forging high-value relationships is challenging, because everyone is unique. The keynote “The WOW Effect in Customer Service” was developed in this perspective. The objective is to improve your interpersonal skills, in order to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers!

This conference—based on practice and interaction—provides guidelines, tips and testimonials interlaced with humour and aimed at producing a remarkable service quality experience. It was designed in cooperation with multiple organizations that stand out for their excellent service. Content and tips will be tailored to your needs and expectations, ensuring a highly rewarding experience. This keynote features practical, useful and innovative tools for improving the service you deliver!

The WOW Effect in Leadership

The best organizations are those that perform best as a team!

Success is rarely a coincidence. Outstanding employees are not immediately provided, but fortunately, it is possible to learn to coach them, mobilize them, value them and improve them by means of stimulating daily practices. Good teamwork takes time, but you can learn how to inspire your staff, give them recognition and spur their improvement through stimulating daily routines.

Meeting this challenge means recognizing and reasserting the qualities, skills and abilities that define WOW teams! The keynote “The WOW Effect in Leadership” was built with these ideas in mind. Being part of a winning team is exciting, mobilizing and above all, gratifying!

This keynote was designed in cooperation with several successful managers in a variety of industries. This presentation features practical and useful tips that you can put into play quickly to ensure a highly rewarding experience!

The WOW Effect in Teamwork

Just like the best sports teams, the most efficient organizations are those that perform best as a team!

The ability to work in synchronicity in a team and often create WOWs amongst colleagues is an important factor in the success of a business. The best road to improvement is the one travelled together! It is in this perspective that the keynote “The WOW Effect in Teamwork” was developed.

This presentation was designed in cooperation with efficient teams in several industries. Many inspiring and useful ideas will be presented to give your team spirit a second wind. During the keynote, principles, examples, testimonies and practical takeaways that you can quickly apply will be shared in order to make your experience as valuable as possible!

The WOW Effect in Win-Win Negotiations

The most successful negotiators are usually those with a win-win perspective! Omnipresent competition brings clients to expect a lot, while spending as little as possible. With modern technology making everything easy and fast to compare, clients who negotiate will continue to increase in the future. The best negotiators know how to increase their perceived value to customers, respect their customers, while minimizing the impact of the price. It is in this perspective that the keynote “The WOW Effect in Win-Win Negotiations” was developed.

This keynote, based on practice and interaction, was designed in cooperation with several people who are successful in win-win long-term negotiations. The best behaviors and strategies will be discussed using real-life examples according today’s business reality. During the keynote, testimonials, principles and tips that you can apply quickly will be suggested in order to make your experience as enriching and valuable as possible!

The WOW Effect in Work-Life Balance

Balancing professional and personal lives is an achievable, attainable and rewarding challenge! Especially with the recent events, balancing our professional and personal lives may appear to be an unreachable ideal, as well as an obstacle course! Changes in today’s working environment, evolution of the family unit and ever-increasing demands add stress to our lives. The Superman or Superwoman syndrome has become a cliché! Our need for harmony between time spent at work and in our personal life is a rising concern. Fortunately, we can maintain a healthy balance between the two! Combining professional achievement and parental accomplishment is possible but requires more than just good intentions! The keynote “The WOW Effect in Work-Life Balance” was built with this concept in mind.

This presentation was designed in cooperation with experts in stress management and parental advisors. We also consulted several people who are happy in their professional and personal lives and who stand out for their way of reconciling the two roles. In the keynote, Jasmin will discuss principles, examples, and strategies that you’ll be able to put into play quickly, for a rewarding learning experience!


Resume – Conference Presentee par le Dr. Jasmin Bergeron

L’Effet Wow!

Créer un effet WOW autour de vous, c’est une façon de se distinguer et d’améliorer la satisfaction des gens que vous côtoyez!

Le WOW est un moment d’émerveillement que nous souhaitons vivre souvent. L’effet WOW est percutant! On se souvient longtemps des personnes qui nous font vivre des WOW parce qu’elles sont fascinantes et distinctes. Qu’ont-elles en commun? Qu’ont-elles de différent? Comment s’y prennent-elles pour se démarquer et séduire leur entourage ? C’est dans cette perspective que la conférence « L’effet WOW ! » a été développée. Elle résume les meilleures stratégies reconnues pour provoquer des WOW!

Cette conférence est basée sur la pratique, l’interaction et l’humour. Elle a été conçue en coopération avec plusieurs personnes qui ont su se démarquer dans leur vie personnelle et professionnelle par leur habileté à faire vivre des WOW. Pendant la conférence, des exemples, des témoignages, des résultats de recherche et des principes que vous pourrez mettre en application rapidement vous seront suggérés afin de rendre votre expérience aussi enrichissante que possible!


L’effet WOW en vente et en développement des affaires

Créer un effet WOW en vente, c’est augmenter la valeur de l’offre pour le client, tout en solidifiant une relation gagnant-gagnant à long terme!

Le défi est de taille car tous les clients et tous les conseillers sont différents, ce qui rend l’élaboration de relations de qualité primordiales. Pour réussir, il est donc essentiel de posséder plusieurs qualités et aptitudes relationnelles, autant en vente-conseil qu’en création de valeur! C’est dans cette perspective que la formation « L’effet WOW en vente et en développement des affaires » a été développée.

Cette conférence basée sur la pratique, l’interaction et l’humour a été conçue en coopération avec plusieurs conseillers en vente très performants qui se démarquent autant par leurs ventes, que par leur succès avec leurs clients. Pendant la conférence, des principes, des exemples, des témoignages et des exercices pratiques que vous pourrez mettre en application rapidement vous seront suggérés afin de rendre votre expérience aussi enrichissante que possible !


L’effet WOW en négociation

Les conseillers qui ont le plus de succès sont généralement ceux qui négocient le mieux dans une optique gagnant-gagnant!

La concurrence omniprésente fait en sorte que les clients d’aujourd’hui s’attendent à recevoir beaucoup, tout en déboursant le moins possible. Les clients qui négocient étaient l’exception il y a quelques années, mais ils seront encore majoritaires dans le futur. Les meilleurs négociateurs savent se mettre en valeur, vendre leurs idées et respecter leurs clients, tout en minimisant l’impact du prix. C’est dans cette perspective que la conférence « L’effet WOW en négociation » a été développée.

Cette conférence, basée sur la pratique et l’interaction, a été conçue en coopération avec plusieurs personnes qui ont du succès en négociation. Les meilleurs comportements et stratégies seront abordés à l’aide d’exemples de votre organisation. Pendant la conférence, des témoignages, des principes et des astuces que vous pourrez mettre en application rapidement vous seront suggérés afin de rendre votre expérience aussi enrichissante que possible !

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