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About Tim Sanders - Renowned Communication and Leadership Speaker:

Tim Sanders is the Vice President of Customer Insights at Upwork, driving their customer-centric approach to help businesses solve their talent gap problems. As a strategic consultant for leading global brands, government agencies, and trade associations - he has helped individuals and organizations tackle marketing innovations, sales performance, talent management, leadership development, and organizational culture. He’s served on advisory boards for several startups, including the social reading website Goodreads - which was purchased by Amazon.

Tim is the author of five books, including the New York Times best-seller, Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends. His publications have over one million copies in print - with best-seller status in India, South Korea, Italy, Brazil, and Denmark.

Throughout his career, he’s been on the cutting edge of innovation and change management. Fresh out of graduate school, he was deeply involved in the quality revolution - which disrupted manufacturing in the 1980’s. He joined the cellular phone industry the year it debuted in North America. He was an early stage member of Mark Cuban’s broadcast.com - which had the largest opening day gain in IPO history. He went to Yahoo! when they acquired Cuban’s company for almost six billion dollars - and rose to the Chief Solutions Officer position and later was named the company’s leadership coach.

Tim credits his passions of research, critical thinking, and public speaking to his high school days - where he was the captain of the debate team, and then later in college, a national champion. He points to his years of fronting a rock band as the epicenter of his innovative approach to marketing.

Today, his mission is to bring all of his life experiences and his unconventional, disruptive - yet inspired strategies and perspectives to thousands of people every year, helping them to boost their leadership effectiveness, human connection, and business performance.

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What Tim Sanders Talks About:

Getting Ahead of Burnout

Many of your best people are on the verge of suffering professional burnout. They’ve stepped up the number of working hours, partially due to the new work-from-home environment, but mostly because they need to get more done with less.

Researchers declare that burnout is a threat to companies in 2021—the pandemic’s new world of work is showing collateral damage including turnover, loss of productivity and a lack of creative energy.

The good news is that burnout can be prevented and alleviated in the early stages through designed workstreams and personally managed through the development of boundaries and wellness habits.

In this presentation, Tim provides insights on what it takes to restore work-life integration in 2021. He’ll share the latest research as well as best practices from companies and wellness advisors.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Spot the early warning signs of burnout in individuals and groups.
  • Design workstreams to ensure load-management of key talents.
  • Leverage resources such as the work marketplace to offload tactical burdens.
  • Coach others to reduce stress and recharge energies while they work from home.

Tim was research-backed, tactical and relevant to today’s landscape. Attendees commented it was one of the best sessions they’ve ever attended.”

Innovating Faster – Why Collaboration Changes Everything

Leaders in every industry prioritize innovation – but are frustrated with how long it takes to bring breakthroughs to market. According to best-selling author and consultant Tim Sanders, the best way to speed up the innovation process is to promote a culture of collaboration across your organization – and externally with partners, customers and competimates. Over his career, Tim has studied leaders that practice what he terms ‘disruptive collaboration’ – a problem-solving style that leverages surprising alliances along the fault-lines of a company or its market. He’ll reveal how the biggest leaps and turnarounds in history came from collisions of thought, not safe work in our silos of excellence. Tim’s eye-opening keynote will deliver actionable insights and tools – that will accelerate the rate of innovation, drive agility and quickly produce breakthrough business outcomes. Learning objectives:

  • Why companies that practice cross-disciplinary collaboration outperform rivals
  • How to leverage the power of multiple perspectives – to solve problems 3x faster
  • How to bring multiple stakeholder needs from “me-to-we” – in a collaborative project
  • Why innovation requires a focus on building a collaborative web of relationships
  • How to connect the silos – one collaboration project at a time

Making the Leap to Essential

Are you a ‘good option’ or ‘essential partner’ to your clients? According to best-selling author and consultant Tim Sanders, it’s a question that could make or break your book of business next year. Your competition is swinging for the fences – while disruptive innovations chip away at your client base. To succeed in this new landscape, you need to deliver ridiculous levels of added value – becoming essential to work with. Tim’s company Deeper Media, has studied client loyalty, decoding what it takes to make the leap from optional to essential – be a sounding board, a fountain of knowledge and a connector of dots. In this game-changing keynote, he will deliver actionable advice and tools – that will help sales and professional service providers improve their skillset, drive business continuity and grow their business. You will learn:

  • Four questions and two statements – that will supercharge your listening skills
  • How to read faces for emotions – and then how to respond with empathy
  • Why clients are loyal to those who make connections on their behalf
  • How to identify your client’s higher order needs – and then solve them with your products, other resources at your company and your partner-network
  • How to become a trusted mentor to your clients by challenging and empowering them

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Generational, technological and business model forces are set to disrupt the world of financial advisors. Tim’s Essential keynote helps advisors stay ahead of these forces by building deeper relationships with clients.

Director, Hartford Funds

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