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About Troy Hazard - Entrepreneur & Business Strategist:

Troy Hazard is serial entrepreneur, who has founded and nurtured twelve businesses over two decades, and has consulted to countless successful companies over the last 25 years.

Through his business career he has owned a diverse range of businesses including a recording studio, an advertising agency, a pizza outlet, pool service, real estate brokerage, property development company, leading franchise-consulting business, and a technology business.

These business talents earned him international respect, so much so that he was elected by the world's foremost business leaders for the role of Global President of the Entrepreneurs' Organization.

He is also one of the few Australians to crack the USA market with his own TV talk show. "Gettin' Down 2 Business" airs in the USA on the BizTV Cable Network into 20 million homes each week 9pm EST. And he is a regular Co-Host on "The Big Biz Show" on the CBS Talk Radio Network and the Business Talk Radio Network broadcasting to 1.5 million radio listeners, and simulcast on the BizTV Network in the United States.

Troy's lessons from the edge provide businesses with potent and refined tools, a collection of which you will find in his Amazon bestselling business book, Future-Proofing Your Business - Real life strategies to prepare your business for tomorrow, today!

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What Troy Hazard Talks About:

Future-Proofing Your Business - Real Life Strategies to Prepare Your Business for Tomorrow, Today
This presentation encompasses a number of stories and case studies from both his businesses and those with which he has worked as a consultant all over the world. Troy's philosophy on how to Future-Proof Your Business is anchored in one core belief: Business happens in cycles. Your ability to manage these cycles successfully lies in how you interpret information from the past, and deal with it in the present, to be more resilient through the cycles of the future. He will also share his own personal experiences of what happens when you take your eyes off maintaining 'The Edge' in business, stop looking to the future and get stuck in the past.

Leadership Lessons - The Four Character Traits of A True Leader
Leading people is not easy, just ask the recent Global President of the Entrepreneurs' Organization. In this session, Troy will share some of the lessons he and his peers learned in that role as leaders of leaders, and leaders of teams.

Troy will explain why he believes leaders are not born, they evolve. He will uncover the 4 key character traits that make up a good leader and offer real world business experiences that demonstrate how to improve your skills to maximize the impact on those you lead. Armed with this information you will be more focused, balanced, aware and effective.

Revenue through Relationships - The Six Degrees of Unity
In a world of connectivity, why is it that we sometimes fail to really 'connect' as humans? We talk about the importance of building relationships, and we all understand the feeling of being in a solid relationship, yet we fail to invest the time to really develop them.

In our personal lives we all enjoy the relationships that revolve around authenticity, honesty, openness, vulnerability, and respect. Yet in business we often treat the development of key relationships as a mechanical event, something that is merely a function of a business experience, as opposed to an emotional bond with another person.

In this presentation Troy will uncover the real reasons why we need to embrace the true emotion of a relationship in business and how harness it.

Troy will offer examples of how to develop a sense of unity in the relationships you develop with yourself, your greatest supporters, your peers, business influencers, your community, and of course your clients. He will talk about some of the programs he has developed for some of the world's greatest brands, how they worked, why they worked, and for whom they worked.

Change or Die - Making Change A Consciousness, Not Just An Action
As part of his entrepreneurial adventure, Troy has spent years developing contacts around the globe so he can help drive his businesses and compete in a rapidly changing business environment.

Through his 20 years as a business consultant and business owner he has turned around countless businesses. He has done this through a simple process that makes change in the business a consciousness, not just an action.

This presentation will encompass great change management tactics, including the four killers of business and how to avoid them, the five key drivers of change to make your business a success, and the value of vision and how to predict and prepare for problems along the way.

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