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10 Inspiring Ideas to Stay Motivated this Fall

Do you need some inspiration to get motivated for Q4?

September heralds the start of a new school year, and perhaps it is for that reason that it always feels like a great time to get motivated to finish the year off strongly.

With fall in the air, we asked some of our best speakers for their top tips on how they get motivated after the summer. 

Here is what they had to say:


Jump right in

“My suggestion: “start before you’re ready.” Sometimes the hardest thing is getting going. Give yourself permission to just start and see how it unfolds. Nine out of ten times, the momentum gained from starting will help carry you through.” — Josh Linkner, Innovation Keynote Speaker

“Everything we do affects everything we are. If it’s hard to get going, reach in and pull one small thread of action, like taking a walk. Doesn’t matter what. Any action will produce a ripple effect chemically and you’ll find yourself boosted in ways you couldn’t have anticipated.

Point is, do something! Don’t wait until you’re ready or fully prepared or feel like it. Just find any start line and go; the finish line will take care of itself.

Each day is another opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin anew. It’s never too late, you’re never too old, and nothing is impossible. 👊” — Dr. Janet Lapp, Expert on Change and Employee Motivation


Stillness, Reflection & focus

“Get still and listen to your internal guide. Act on what you hear. Is it suggesting rest? Then rest. Is it begging for a change at work? Explore what’s possible and begin taking steps towards that change. Is it begging for time away? Grant that vacation. Our internal guide is directly connected to that tap of joy and fulfillment that when opened flows through us all. So listen. Allow.” — Cassandra Worthy , World’s Leading Expert on Change Enthusiasm

“Start each day with a Gratitude Reflection. Asking ourselves…What am I grateful for? My work. My team. Making an impact. My health. Moving my body. The people in my life who lift me up. My dog. Whatever it is for you…it helps us remember what is right in our life and it keeps us moving forward!” – Meg Soper, Corporate Entertainer and Motivational Humorist who Speaks on Resilience and Teamwork

“Imagine today as a training day for future victories. The successes you are going to enjoy later depend on you putting quality time into your goals today!”  — Greg Bennick, Interactive & Funny Motivational Speaker and Event Emcee

“Focus on that mission that is bigger than yourself. You know, the one that gets you out of bed and lights your soul on fire? I often find that my focus on others does this for me. Find your mission!!” – Heather R. Younger, Speaker on Diversity, Resilience & Overcoming Adversity


Passion Project

“Choose a passion project to get involved with and come up with a little reward for yourself to keep you on track!” – Scott Friedman, Humorous Speaker on Communication and Customer Service


Back to basics

“Enjoy not being sweaty and make sure don’t stop doing what works as you embrace changes.

Sometimes we forget the basics and then wonder why the specifics don’t work!” — Garrison Wynn, Humorous Speaker on Leadership, Motivation & Communication


Have your pie and eat it, too.

“1. I like to make goal/to do lists. I try to focus on one BIG goal/project at the end of summer. Right now, I am focusing on working with an editor to create some new video demos.

  1. Be prepared for change. Change and disruption are going to happen. When you are prepared, you change your energy, tone and attitude.
  2. Stay in the game. There are always challenges. Staying in the game is hard. It means you have to learn something new; or get out of your comfort zone; or work harder; or make a change. If you stay in the game, you will always find success.
  3. Don’t forget to have dessert. There is always room for pie.” – Joel Zeff, Dynamic Collaboration, Leadership, and Change Speaker, Improvisational Humorist, and Author

“Seek to live each day amazed & amused.” — Karyn, Buxman Business Speaker on Humor and Hope


If you need help motivating your teams to dive into Q4, get in touch to find out how we can help.


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