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7 Secrets of Success in Times of Change

In a recent article published on CNBC.com, author Jennifer Liu states that 66% of US organizations have delayed their in-office or hybrid work start dates due to the increase of Delta variant COVID cases. 

While this seems like just another bump in an already corrugated road, the impact of our ever changing situations has caused burnout, but also increased resilience, mental agility and an impressive ability to adapt to change.

We’ve asked our best keynote speakers on Change for their tips on how to navigate this period with grace.

  1. The WIIFM Factor Dr. Mark DeVolder, Change Specialist and author of Perpetual Pivot, explains how the “What’s In It For Me” factor can change the game. By helping individuals understand the impact of change on themselves, their teams and their immediate environments, as well as at an organizational level, leaders can help build momentum towards change, enabling those individuals to not only accept but embrace change. 
  2. Change from the Top Down  – Our speaker on Leadership & Personal Accountability Michelle Ray notes that successful change must come from the top down: leaders must set an example by buying into change. This one factor can profoundly influence whether change is embraced or rejected within an organization. 
  3. ResistanceDr. Nicole Lipkin, Clinical Psychologist & Organizational Culture Speaker, notes in order to facilitate change, we must understand our triggers for resistance, including our assumptions about change, in order to help people move from fear to openness. By digging into the reasons behind our resistance, we can learn to navigate change, becoming more emotionally agile and resilient in the process: two qualities that are essential to any great leader.
  4. Find the opportunity in the ChangeDr. Gary Bradt, an Expert on Emotional Intelligence, Change & Leadership, tells a great story about an electronics retailer that had much of their stock wiped out in a tornado. Rather than giving up, they decided to hold a huge sale, at low prices, offering everything directly off the shelves to their clients. Essentially, offering their clients a “best buy.” The success of that sale created Best Buy, one of North America’s largest electronics retailers and an incredible success story.
    This story illustrates Gary’s main point on change: there are always opportunities in change. The challenge for leaders lies in shifting their perspectives to find those opportunities for success.
  5. Communication is key – Communications expert Colette Carlson advocates driving positive change through intentional and impactful communication, thoughtful questions, and empathetic listening. Connected leaders are able to help their teams navigate change by keeping them informed AND listening to their needs. 
  6. Use your imagination – Happiness expert Shawn Achor’s presentation entitled “Positive Genius” takes us to the beginning of human potential to explain why some people are able to make great changes while others remain the same. Using cutting edge research in positive psychology and neuroscience, Shawn demonstrates how one can become a “positive genius” by creating a strong metal picture of a new reality BEFORE making a change at home or work. A person’s likelihood of successful change comes from combining one’s brain’s IQ and emotional and social intelligence.
  7. Speak to the heart – “Feelings are more influential than thought when it comes to effecting change and driving performance,” says Leadership & Change keynote speaker Tom Flick. Tom’s tip for raising more effective leaders is to connect with the listener’s heart as well as their head. Understanding that people, not programs, help organizations change and grow.


The Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus (535 BC – 475 BC) known for his doctrine of change being central to the universe. We all know his quote: “The only thing constant is change.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated this quote again and again. With the right guidance, we will all come out of this period more resilient and agile than ever before.

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