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About Rory Vaden - Self-Discipline Strategist & Best-selling Author:

Rory Vaden is the New York Times best-selling author of Take the Stairs. His insights have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, Entrepreneur, Inc, on Fox News national television and in several other major media outlets. As a world-renowned speaker, his Tedx talk has been viewed nearly 2 million times, he is a 2x World Champion of Public Speaking Finalist and he was recently named as one of the top 100 leadership speakers in the world by Inc Magazine.

He is the Co-Founder of Brand Builders Group and the host of the Rock Solid Reputation podcast, a forum in which he teaches people to build and monetize a rock solid reputation.

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What Rory Vaden Talks About:

Take The Stairs: How To Get Yourself To Do The Things You Don’t Feel Like Doing
Do you want your audience to take action? A recent study of 10|000 people reported that the average employee wastes over 2 hours each day at work on non-job related tasks. The average U.S. employee makes an annual salary of $39|795. That means procrastination costs employers, on average, $10|396 per year PER EMPLOYEE.

Every day we make a choice: use the escalator or take the stairs. Not just literally, but also metaphorically speaking, the majority of the population generally chooses the easy way out. Rory’s message of “success means doing things we don’t want to do” is as relevant as ever before. With a humorous delivery style that both entertains and challenges, Rory motivates his audience to reevaluate their work performances in and out of the office, and ultimately ask: what if we lived in a world where more people chose effort over ease?

How can more discipline transform your organization, employees or you as an individual?

  • Increase Productivity — Decrease Costly Turnover
  • Increase Revenue & Profitability — Decrease Workplace Stress
  • Increase Focus — Decrease Daily Distractions
  • Increase Morale — Decrease Wasted Time

Rory’s presentation is uniquely tailored to acknowledge and analyze specific challenges like procrastination, creative avoidance, and daily distractions that occur in your company workplace. You and your audience will walk away with a surge of new motivation and an empowered mindset to make a real and effective change.

Rock Solid Reputation: Becoming The Person People Want To Do Business With
When you have a powerful reputation customers flock to you, those around you are loyal to you, and your brand has enough trust to withstand scrutiny and setbacks.

But, if you have a weak reputation, then it’s hard to stand out from the crowd, you’ll struggle to attract and keep great people and even the smallest hint or suggestion of a mistake can bring you or your business crashing down.

The real brand of any business is simply the sum of the reputations of the people inside that business.

Yet most people and most companies have virtually no strategy, intention or process to shape their personal reputation. Because of that they lose relationships, they lose revenue and they lose trust with the general population.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Rory Vaden and his team at Brand Builders Group, have studied, researched and developed what they call “The Reputation Formula.” Rory can share with you a seemingly simple but powerful step-by-step process to give you the kind of indestructible reputation that will make you and your company legendary.

Learn how to build a great reputation and watch how it becomes the ultimate competitive advantage for you and your business.

Rory is a speaker who delivers fresh, actionable and innovative content, powerful and compelling inspiration, and entertaining humor all customized to your unique audience.

Heart Led Leader: The 5 Core Attributes that Create Top Teams
Motivated, reliable, engaged, consistent, trustworthy and effective team members are what every leader wants. But how do you find those people? Or how do you create them? Too often managers struggle to get their people to show up every day and produce at the height of their potential.

And there are all too many reasons to cite or places to point as blame for why that happens. Yet, the best leaders know that there are a few simple and critical traits that they must exhibit personally that predominantly determine the performance of their team.

During this inspiring and pragmatic presentation, Rory Vaden will share the 5 core attributes that create top teams. Once you know the fundamental formula about what creates great leadership you will have the secret sauce to growing any business or advancing any cause. Come discover the actionable practices that you can implement immediately to get more out of the people who are following you.

Rich, Famous, and Influential: How To Use The Power Of Personal Branding To Build An Empire And Make A Difference
Imagine never having to “sell” in your business.

What if instead of outbound prospecting, your phone rang, emails came into your inbox, and people contacted you to do business with them?

That is the power of becoming a celebrity expert in your space and it’s more possible today than ever before. But the amount of information, techniques and tactics related to personal branding is daunting and overwhelming. There are so many books to read, so many tools to learn, and never enough time to get them all implemented.

In this empowering and enlightening session, Rory Vaden has compiled and condensed all of the knowledge he’s learned from spending countless hours and investing tens of thousands of dollars learning from the top personal branding experts in the world.

You will learn simple and straightforward strategies that you can use to immediately build your personal brand, monetize your message, and increase your influence.

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