Making the Speaking Business More Customer Focused

Take the Team Seriously, But Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

By  Dan Coughlin – Author and Inspiring, Practical Speaker on Leading for Sustainable, Profitable Growth Teamwork is critically important to improving results for a group or an organization. Teamwork happens when the people in the group or organization consciously and proactively work together to support one another’s…

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The Power of Wellbeing

What is the secret to success during the Pandemic? It’s probably not what you think… It is no secret that an engaged workforce is the secret to a successful organization. Higher rates of employee satisfaction result in increased productivity, higher sales figures and longer employee retention, not…

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The Best Speakers on Wellbeing

What is the key to surviving the pandemic? In discussions with our top speakers on leadership and our clients, leaders across a huge range of Fortune 500 organizations, the answer is simple: investment in employee wellbeing. The single biggest struggle facing organizations as the pandemic drags…

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